Having my 3rd child with 3rd woman

I developed an impregnation fetish when I was in high school. One of my classmates had become pregnant by an older boy, which was a big issue in my small-ish town and she was keeping the baby due to her beliefs. As it happened, her pregnancy coincided with almost the whole school year, and I saw every trimester and her belly swelling up slowly.

She wasn't very attractive, and a bit gullible (clearly) but it wasn't long after she started showing that I had the hugest crush on her. The boy was soon out of the picture, and while she was struggling along a bit, we had some heavy makeout sessions where I caressed her belly for the first time. That cemented it.

The first woman I impregnated was a neighbor who lived up the street. I was still in final year, she was around 30 and had been trying for a baby with her husband for some time. Like Desperate Housewives, I was working - in this case, weeding and planting, at their house when she seduced me. We had an affair for several months and I confessed my attractions to pregnant women. She asked me if I would like to try to make her pregnant, and we had unprotected s** from then on. She gave birth to my son about 2 months after I had left for university.

After that I was full on to impregnation s**. I ran a tumblr p*** blog for a while in college, and mostly indulged in my fantasies with unprotected s** and roleplay. Most women at college were not interested in getting pregnant. Even when I managed to send my swimmers in them, they would take a morning after pill first thing. I had to be careful to not build up a reputation, so that took a backseat for a while.

After college, I trawled the internet for possible like minded women, but no luck there. All talk and no action. Luckily, Tinder came along at the right time and boom - here were women who could be reached, f***** and then talked to if they would go the next step. I decided to try older women (but not too old) since I thought they might be more open to it.

Hit the jackpot first time about 2 years ago when this chubby 37 yr old teacher found my fetish hot. We roleplayed for about 3 months, then finally, she agreed to let me make her pregnant. I think she was hoping that this might have been a way to take our hookups to the next level, but once the deed was done, my attention was moving on. Harsh words were said, but ultimately she kept the baby and soon I had a daughter.

About 6 months ago I moved cities and soon found a regular f***-buddy in the form of a hot housewife whose husband was a corporate big shot on the road most of the time. She had a kid already (real pain in the ass kid) but found my fetish hot. Couple of months later, she caught her husband cheating and nailed the divorce with a nice settlement. While it was going on, I popped my question and she was like "what the h***'".

Just a few days ago, she told me she's missed her period, and now its pretty much certain. I hope she keeps it, but so far, life has been good to me.


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  • Wow so hot I cumed after I read your posts and oter peoples coments keep it up do you go for another one ?

  • Given the way child support works, you are going to be really broke.

  • Aw yeah buddy! Knock 'em all up!

  • Please let us know whether or not you impregnated the current one.

  • Would love to knock up an asian,white or hispanic woman,married or not.

  • I feel the exact same way. i have the hots for a vietnamese woman that works in the same building I work in and I fantasize about her like i'm insane...but there's just something about those vietnamese females and i would LOVE to knock one of them up....or two.......or three. :)

  • Oh you filthy beast! I love you! I have two children but would love to have one of yours!

  • I agree. There's just something SUPER sexy about a man who has children with multiple women instead of just one. I love my husband, but by comparison to you, my husband seems bland. Kinda meh.....

  • As a husband we had 2 different men live with us at different times in our marrige, 2 years into our marriage we met a guy from another state, he was seperated but such fun guy we invited him to come home with us, lasted 2 years, and we had his daughter, he went back to his wife , then we knew what we loved and found another guy who lived with us fo 5 yrs and 2 kids from him, it has been great , now wife just dates other men , waiting her to tell me she is pregnant.

  • My best friend growing up knocked up several females through high school. I knew two of them, though there were others. One was this older lady who never had children, so he gave her one, and she fell in love with him. I wish I had been as bold as he was and like you are. Please don't stop throwing that big d*** around and spraying that hot seed all over. Please.

  • Love guys like you, I have this fetish, but i want other men to get my wife pregnant, we have one so far but want several more.

  • Jesus. this is so sexy. is the "one" you have so far fathered by another man, or have you not begun that process yet? just wondering......

  • S*** those b****** ROTTEN!


  • Sexy AF

  • .....ditto.....

  • You are THE MAN!!!!

  • Damn! Way to go!

  • This s*** is sexy as h***.......F***!!!

  • ^YES!^

  • You are the man. I like what I just read so much. I had my kids in my mid twenties while in college. Was divorced by mid 30s, and got custody of two girls. I had s** with countless women but never tried to get anybody pregnant. Those who did,could abort. I never wanted to have any kids because was worried about what my daughters would say. Then when my daughters were around 16 /17,I met a young lady(23) and before I knew it she was pregnant. She had the baby in November.By the following March, or so,she moved in with me briefly. We had s** once and she got pregnant. We broke up and she is now married to someone else. Now I was on fire and wanted more kids. I went to another country and knocked up a friend (29),she had a son,(2015),and will get her pregnant again later this year. I will also knock up an ex wife,and give two kids to another lady friend. My sperm is free to the right woman. Where can read your blog? Enjoy.

  • So glad there are guys like you.

  • Your awesome.

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