Pregnant by a young stud

My wife is a nurse at a college campus, and she is pretty much surrounded by young sporty guys with buff bodies all the time. It makes her h****, which makes me happy, and we would often roleplay some of the college boys f****** her.

Some time ago, my sexual performance took a nosedive and I was diagnosed with angina. The drugs, pressure and illness soon gave me full blown ED.

My wife is a sexual person and she was struggling to manage. One night after I had failed to get an erection she became bitter and said she should get f***** at college before she came home. I felt bad, but it started me thinking, and soon I was masturbating to cuckold p***.

I let her know my fantasies, and that she could seek an outlet. She was shocked and refused at first. But like our roleplay days, I read hot stories to her about young men taking her like a s***. F****** her from behind like a b**** while she got her ass slapped. Bending her in half while they pounded her cervix and pumped their seed into her. Spit roasting her in the athletes locker room. Giving her a bukkake in the shower. She humored me first, then got hot and we began a daily read-and-m********* session.

Her favourite theme soon became impregnation and breeding of the hotwife by the bull stud. We had no children of our own, but there is a large-ish age difference between us. While I was starting onto middle age, she was still young and I wondered if her biological drive wasn't kicking in as it sometimes does in women of that age.

After some time of this, I casually suggested that she might want to take the next step. She bit her lip and said she had been thinking the same. I told her the next day when she came back and masturbated in front of me, she had to tell me the story, and I wanted to see the sperm drip from her unprotected p****.

When I got home the next day, I knew it was the day. She hadn't changed or showered, her face was red and flushed, and she was sitting on the sofa sideways with her legs over the arm - to keep the sperm in. I'll never forget what she said:

You're late. I've been keeping c** in me for hours. I might be pregnant by now.

I kid you not, gave me the first h****** I had in months.

Turned out she chose this young tennis player who had been coming for his wrist and elbow. Asked the guy to come in late, locked the door and gave him the treatment of a lifetime. She told him he came three times, all of it inside her. This time she told the story, and I masturbated while she massaged her young stud's sperm from her oozing p****.

It's been a few weeks now and she has been f****** him regularly. Last week we did a test and found out she is pregnant. She's really happy to be becoming a mother, however we're probably going to stage some confrontation with the kid and get him out of the picture before she gets in trouble with the administration (everybody's legal, but there are expectations binding all of us to miserable morality). Once she's had the kid, I've told her she can find another lover.


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  • There's really nothing wrong with this. If everyone is happy, it's all good. Don't forget to raise and love on the kid(s).

  • My mother is carrying a baby. Dad believes it is his, but mum and I know it is mine.

  • Wow! It must be equally exciting to watch your wife's belly grow all the while knowing it's from a Bull. You shouldn't break up with the tennis player. He could become the second husband in the house and sleep in the same bed as her.

  • You could experiment with threesomes, or eating his c** out of her... But I agree, why chase him away?

  • At least keep him for future need, he wont want to be dad, but just make kids for you, so I would be extatic and for sure keep him around.

  • Be prepared to devote yourself to her baby when she gives birth. The child didn't ask to be here and he or she deserves as much attention as you'd give a bio child. If she does as you say and finds another lover, make sure you stay home and baby sit.

  • If you could get hard to m*********, why couldn't you get hard to f*** your wife?

  • Prefer wife to be happy with hard body young stud with very hard tool. and I would enjoy my wife carrying anothers baby.

  • You would be amazed what this does to a cuckold

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