Pregnancy fetish

I've had a pregnancy fetish since I first had s** with a boyfriend who had the fetish himself. He and I played often with it, from things like my poofing out my belly to appear pregnant as he would enter me from behind, caressing my belly and b****** in turn. We did go down the road of his f****** me without a condom or anything else, as he stroked my 'pregnant' belly. Luckily, nothing happened, so this remained 'playing pregnant' for us.

Even after he and I were done, it seems that this fetish had been imprinted on me. No other pregnancy fetishists have come my way, so I've only 'played pregnant' on my own. Just as before, I extend my belly, stroking it from all sides and looking down at it to see how far it's yet expanded. One hand seems to always be stroking at my belly, while the other can play with my b****** to mimic in my mind how it might get my nipples ready for my baby to feed, or just using a vibrator to come and come again, cupping one hand toward the bottom of my extended belly, to hold my baby's head.

Just writing about this now is getting me wet and makes me wonder whether I'll surprise myself waking up again at playing pregnant. Yes, again. I did that this morning, laying on my side and waking up to find one of my hands stroking my extended belly as the other pulled at one of my nipples until I came so deeply that it was more intense an o***** than I've ever had any other way.

Mar 14, 2019

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