My Husband cheated on me. We're trying to make things still work, but now it seems like he doesn't even like to be around me or our one year old. He's constantly impatient and the smallest thing will set him off. He falls asleep a lot and claims he doesn't get any time to himself and that all he does all day is stuff that has to get done. He doesn't like spending time with me. He paid for s** with a prostitute. I'm trying to forgive and we've been going to church, the gym, and other places to spend time together. He is almost never happy. I'm afraid I'm going to end up divorced and my son will have to grow up in a broken home like I did. Our Son is amazing and hardly has any bad days. The occasional fit, but even his sitter says he's well behaved. I'm afraid we will never make him happy and he'll continue to make us miserable. He just wants to do whatever he wants and sleep. I don't know what to do.

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  • First question to ask yourself is did you let yourself go?

  • Chauvinistic, sexist and ignorant! Well done, on being narrow minded! Pat yourself on the back, dumbass!

  • Hah like you wouldn't feel a little friction if your partner gained a hundred pounds and stopped giving a s***

  • Nothing is stated in the confession, that anyone is over weight. Actually, they go to the gym together.

  • That is a sign that both of them have let themselves go and are now scrambling to reverse it

  • Not necessarily

  • Are you fat?

  • He's not interested in you anymore. Maybe you're just not meant to be either...

  • Good point

  • You need to ascertain why he's not happy around you. You must be giving off a toxic vibe. Either that, or he's going through a form of a mid-life crisis. Some counseling might help.

  • She shouldn't be presumed as being toxic or skirting toxic vibes! Don't make assumptions based on your opinions and ignorance!

  • What a surprise a church is involved lol

  • Better start f****** other guys, cause you will need to find a new one. He's done with you.

  • S** isn't the bees and knee's man, so why think everything revolves around s**?!

  • Us men once we cheat like that there's guilt that even the smallest things bother us like you trying to cook or make things alright even after the cheating we still feel immobilized and lost, meaning we cope with excuses distance away and yes even the smallest things bother us. Think about it in a sense of a woman vs a man. A man won't be the emotional type instead the difficult type vs the woman who will be the emotional type. If we love the woman we will try to make it right period!!! forget about your son growing up in a broken home remember your his mother and he will always want to know the truth of reason! If it's too late your stuck but if you run and end it now your safe mind over matter.

  • RUN GIRL! I had an ex like that, and because I stayed (thinking it was better for my son to have a father figure), my son has been in therapy for over 5 years; and you know what else, his dad is still a useless, selfish, drug addicted piece of s***. RUN GIRL RUN

  • Yeah are you fat?

  • Don't assume the op's situation is similar to yours. However, you did make some minor good points.

  • ^^^^^ also I have a niece that had a neglectful baby daddy, she left right away. 5 years later, her fiancée (who the whole family loves - he is a great guy, and her are having a son. They even own their own home, and she was able to get off welfare. Dump that loser!

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