Best woman at the club

I went out lastnight with a couple if my friends from university. We started the night at one club, then another, and then finally another. It was pretty late in the night and I had to relieve myself once more before heading home. As i stepped into the restroom I noticed a woman's voice, but didn't pay too much attention. As i was standing at the urinal the woman opened the stall door and asked me if I wanted to join her. She was drunk and smelled of alcohol, but was still good looking. I accepted and stepped inside closing the door behind me. This women immediately pulled my shorts down and started sucking my c***. I normally don't like to say how big my c*** is, because women tend not to believe you until you show them, but i actually do have a big c***, 9 inches when hard to be exact. Anyway, this woman took every inch of my c*** down her throat. She could have easily taken more if I had any more to give. I have never receive a b******* from anyone who could get much past the head, let alone down to my b****. Her lips felt amazing as she worked my c*** in and out of her mouth sucking me from tip to base. Several minutes past with her working every inch until I couldn't hold back. I couldn't take in anymore and e********* down her throat. After she sucked every last drop of c** from my c***, she got up and walked out. I composed myself and left the restroom hoping to find her out at the bar or one of the tables, but she was nowhere. I walked outside to see if she was out there, but she was gone. I have no idea who this woman was or where she went. I have never seen her before at this club and will probably never see her again. If she's reading this, I want you to know that you are amazing. Thanks for the best b******* I have ever had in my life.

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