Would Love To Knock Many Women Up!

I so just want to go to any Any town America and meet some girl/woman,I don't care even if she is married,** her good and knock her ** up,and worry about the consequences later.It seems very difficult for me to find a woman wanting to be knocked up these days.

I am jealous of seeing all these pregnant women everywhere,and none of them are by me.I am tired of being careful and responsible. I have had kids with 3 women; raised the first two as a single parent,share custody with the mother of the next two,same thing with the mother of my last baby.Its not like am a lousy dad,I just like to make babies and raise them.

I have always fantasized about knocking up a stranger,a married woman,a woman who's hubby cannot father a baby,or a woman who wants a baby but no husband,a lesbian,or a woman who wants a bi-racial child. it would not matter to me whether the mother wanted me to participate in the child's life or not. I don't even care if she sees me simply as a sperm donor-all I think about is making babies.

I can't have a baby with just about any woman though.I have to feel like she is going to be a caring loving responsible mother. Having a decent job and education(I do too) is equally important.I don't like having babies at tax payers expense.

The other day I was at a small tavern.I saw this one woman, in a group, who was simply beautiful(not a model type),she had great teeth,healthy hair,nice skin texture,medium size-just an average woman. I just imagined that she could make me a beautiful baby girl,almost just like herself.

I approached,introduced myself,took her to the side and had small talk with her. I simply told her this: " you are a gorgeous woman and I think you will be an awesome mother,I would love it if you would have a baby for me". She asked "are you serious"?I said yes. She just cried in shock. I had to console her by holding her,which looked strange to her group.

After she composed herself,she told me she is married. I wanted to tell her not to worry about what her hubby thinks but I held back. She gave me a hug,bought me a beer,took my number and said she will stay in touch.I doubt she will though,but who knows.See,am trying!

Next Confession

Dear ex

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  • Don't waste your time wishing you'd done it, get out there and spread your seed. Get as many girls/women pregnant as you can. Your attitude tells me you are a born Breeder, so go out and breed. Find girls/women who are not on the pill and don't pull out, always shoot your load in. If they insist on you wearing a condom make sure you split the teat on the end so when you ** your sperm shoots straight through into her **. Don't feel guilty or ashamed of what your doing. Be proud of all the new life you are bringing into this world. Make as many babies as you can and enjoy doing it, You're a HERO.

  • Don't tell these women you want them to have your baby, that puts them off having ** with you. Do it by stealth, pick them up find out if they're on the pill if they're not you're in luck.

    Wear a condom if she insists, but split the teat on the end with your thumb and ** nails making a split, then when you shoot your load it will squirt out of the hole you made and fill her womb with your seed.

    There's no need to tell her anything. A friend of mine used this idea and knocked up 5 women in a couple of months and he's still out there doing it again and again.

    GOOD LUCK my friend, make lots of babies.

  • YOU must NEVER worry about the consequences, YOU are obviously a BREEDER, that is your mind is focused solely on IMPREGNATING women.
    Therefore you should not feel concerned otr guilty when you knock a women up even if she is married and having ** without her husbands knowledge. All the more reason to knock her up and let her hubby pay for the baby.

    It is very important that with your sexual mind set you MUST carry on knocking women and girls up, you have been chosen by natural selection to increase the population. Get as much pleasure out of it as you can and keep seeding women. What you are doing is HEROIC.

  • ** those ** rotten!!

  • Can u seduce me and have ** with me I'm a ** teenager who lives in Texas

  • Sure could...but am sure you are a guy. What city in Texas?

  • Have respect for yourself, so others can respect you aswell! Don't be a walking and breathing statistic!

  • Tear it up, bro! Tear it UP!!!!!!!

  • Have respect for women, Ig you love and respect your mother!

  • I respect all women and my mother especially.

  • Why encourage someone to tear a woman up as in sexually, if you profess to respect women?

  • ** the ** rotten....

  • You sound like you're capable of cutting a wide swath across the entire country, like the approaching solar eclipse, but leaving babies in your wake! I would totally LOVE to see you do this, and for you to write about your adventures and experiences! Go for it!!!

  • You are a HERO for ** as many young girls as you can, knock them up make babies then dump them. Use them like a ** toy, Dump your seed in them make sure you knock them up then walk away with proud smile on your face and look for the next ** to **.

  • Hahaha,you made me laugh,thanks. help,me out and hook me up with someone you know:)

  • You definitely need some help, but with your literacy skills.

  • Stupid rookie writes like we're living in some sort of dream world where all is well & dozens of dames are waiting just for him to impregnate them. He did get one part of his tale right ; where he writes " I fantasized of knockin' up a stranger"
    Here's the deal junior : Get in line. There are scores of men with the same dreams you have. NO takers. Nothing makes you special or outstanding. Again, take a number & GET IN LINE rookie.

  • How tiny is your **?I am sure you, your mom,wife,sister and the rest of the family would love my amble **. I don't need to get inline for anything.... you need to get in line to be something,I think you are a useless snail. No rookie here,I have kids both sons and daughters...youngest isn't even a year old yet. What do you have,a jar of Vaseline?Is your spouse cheating because you don't have **? Why are you so angry?lol.

  • Do you plan on taking care of any of these children? If not, you should be sterilized. There's no reason for this fuckery - grow up.

  • I have decided to specialize on women who want sperms only and don't want to bothered with a man. There are millions of them and they earn much better than you:)

  • I wish to be bred

  • Offer your sperm at a sperm bank then, if you truly want to impregnate many women. You'd be helping numerous couples to have babies. You don't need to ** anyone, to do that. Just spill your ** in a cup and there you go. Or dies your fantasy involve the traditional way of making babies? If yes, your fantasy isn't to make babies, it's to ** plenty of women.

  • Does not dies

  • I have children with multiple women, but I am only involved with one of the children (the mother and I don't live together, but we remain sort-of-involved). From my perspective, your odds of finding someone suitable are better if you go for the young girls. Lots of them are eager to get pregnant anyway, and they are both more fertile and easier to influence than the more mature ones. Overall, you're better off sticking to girls whose parents will help raise the kids, or perhaps married ones whose husbands will help raise them; and by "help raise them", of course, I mean financially. I don't mean that to sound like I went through these women on a pump-and-dump program, but it is certainly beneficial for the mother to have a support structure already in place, and which doesn't require the father to do it all. And to be honest, these women frequently just want lots of ** (and that doesn't necessarily end after you've knocked her ** up). Something tells me -- by your attitude -- that you'll have no problem on your journey. Women want what you want. And I think you're going to give it to them. And when I say "them", I intend the plural. You may very well begin your trek with that woman from the bar: I think you'll be hearing from her. And when you do, go ahead and tell her what you refrained from telling her on the first go-round: "tell her not to worry about what her hubby thinks". Do it. Just do it. Let her know that YOU don't care about her marriage (FREQUENTLY), and encourage HER not to care about it either.

  • Good job cheering the dope on. Fool will ** that right up until he tries it & literally gets bounced out the front door by a half lit man with a short fuse that already hit on the dame.

  • I am so jealous but happy for you. Thanks for the encouraging message. I looked at a site for sperm donation and saw all sorts of women,mostly lesbians,seeking sperm. I emailed a few,one lesbian couple said yes. I asked them when we can get started,but they haven't answered in 2 days now.I saw lots of 19 year old and wondered how they will raise a kid.

  • I can feel how urgent this is for you, and how genuine the feelings are. I wish you well.

  • Thank you so much for being positive and optimistic for me. Yes,very urgent.

  • Good luck to you. And keep up the effort: it will pay off.

  • Thanks for your support and encouragement. I need a huge payoff.

  • What intelligent man would want to knock up women just for the ** of it? An ape or a dog, I can see, but doesn't being a ** sapien count for anything?

  • I have to say that i love it. My wife left me when my daughter was only 7. Now at 17, things change. Talking one night with her, she laughed at me saying i could get any girl i wanted. I made a bet with her that i could get one of her friends. She just shrugged it off and said she would sleep with me if i managed that, but you won't so...
    Well, i held her to it and as of now, my daughter is 12 weeks pregnant and her best friend is 14 weeks along as well. She doesn't know i have also ** 2 others of her friends and just last week i ** one of the girls in her class at school. Only yesterday i ** her 15 year old friend from down the road. I really hope to god i have managed to get a few of them pregnant as well.

  • Man that's great work you're doing. You keep going for those young girls and dumping your seed in them. Nothing gives you a bigger ** than impregnating a a young school girl. You should be proud of every young girl you knocked up man. You're a ** HERO.

  • Nope. This is one of the sickos on this site who posts the same ** thing over and over because it has no life. It'd probably ** itself if an actual woman breathed in its general direction.

    Even if that's not the case, it's more ape or dog than human anyway. Most so-called humans are, and that goes triple for most of the twits hanging around here. Their only purpose in life is to be poked with a virtual stick for lulz. Trust me, it's fun!

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