WTF is wrong with my husband?

I have been married to my husband for 26 years. He showed me this web site and said he reads it all the time, so I decided to start reading it as well. About a week ago he asked me if I had been reading it, and I told him I had. He then asked me what I thought about some of the cuckold confessions. I wasn't sure what he was getting at until he asked me to f*** another man in front of him. What on earth would make someone who is my husband want to watch me f*** another man? The bad thing is I am actually thinking about doing it. I just need to understand why he wants me to do this.

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  • I love my wife dearly - she is the most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever known. Because of that she's also my ultimate pronstar and I would love to see her f*** other men. I literally can't think of anything hotter!

    It's certainly possible that your husband feels the same way about you.

  • After we got married my husband and I were in bed after making love talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. As he told me everything, I listened and asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing had increased. I hugged him. I wanted him to feel better. Then I noticed he was hard, like really hard. I touched him, wrapping my fingers around him. I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly I realized something important and asked him, “Do you want me to be like them and cheat too?” I couldn't believe his reaction. He was as aroused as I had ever seen him. In the next few days we had several amazing and completely open conversations about his needs and desires. He even admitted his actual interest in cuckolding and showed me stories and articles about cuckolding. After a couple of week of very intimate discussions I finally told him, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love will expand in ways you can’t imagine." Am I doing the right thing?

  • Your husband is a cuck and has fantasies of being in a cuckold relationship for with his wife. It's not that he's gay or anything, but he's one of those husbands that gets turned on about the possibility of seeing his wife taken by another man while he watches. For him, hopefully for you as well, this is a powerful excitement. He probably wants to see a man, usually black, that is strong, dominating and equipped with a large p e n i s take you while he watches. Maybe be wants to help out too (some cucks put the man's c*** inside their wife or sometimes, if the couple is strong, will suck the man's p e n i s). He had the courage to tell you, more or less, about his fantasy. However, this must be something both partners in a couple must agree on because once you engage in such an 'act' there is no going back. He may feel jealous or hurt, so if he wants this then he better be ready. As for you, you have everything to be happy for, the man you love is letting you pick the man of your wet dreams; a sexy hunky guy to service and pleasure you.

  • You are obviously a man, otherwise you would understand that I do not want to f*** another man. I already have a sexy hunky man and he is already the man of my wet dreams, he is my husband.

  • Its the ultimate pleasure for us husbands. so enjoy, he will for sure.

  • Explore. Ignore the negativity. When you get married, you accept the person for who they are. He was honest and came to you, and at least try it. I am a Master/Dom, and I have used White women in front of their husbands many times. Its erotic, not just sexual. You have to let go of the "norms" of life, and live outside your world sometimes, and see how you can truly enjoy the pleasures of life. If you try it and don't like, you can talk to him about it. But at least role play and try it...

  • He wants you to s**** other guys because he's really, really bored. Even if you do f*** other guys for him, he might still be bored. What you should do for him is just find him some different p****. Really, after 26 years he's probably tired of yours. The novelty is gone. He could use some new p**** that looks and feels different on his d***. Could you hook him up with a friend maybe?

  • So, sounds like the thought of f****** another man while your husband watches intrigues you?

    So, why not give it a try and see if you both really enjoy it?

  • You should be asking your husband "why" not strangers. Not unless you don't comprehend your husband's thought process regarding this obsession and request, therefore wanting other people's opinions instead. However, you're asking the wrong people.

    Is your husband pressuring you to f*** another guy? If yes, how do you personally feel about it. Do you like the idea of f****** another man infront of your husband?

    At the end of the day, if your husband is pressuring you to do something you feel uncomfortable with, he's being inconsiderate of your feelings and being extremely selfish. It's your body and your feelings, he's messing with. Does he not realise you might not want to share your body with anyone else, other than him, because you made a vow to him and him alone, also because you love him? You should talk to your husband and hatch it out with him in a diplomatic and calm way, to see where his mind is at.

    However, if your husband doesn't see reason and you end up doing as he wishes for his selfish needs, you're losing a part of yourself and relinquishing your needs, morals, self respect and values - for his sake. If he truly loves you, would he really jeopardise the above for his sick fantasy?

  • He is not pressuring me to do anything. Actually, it is quite the opposite. When he asked me and I asked him why on earth would he wanted such a thing, he stated that I was his wife and not his w****. So I had to be 100% on board with it before anything would ever happen. Then he told me that he loves me so much that he just wanted to make sure I was sexually satisfied. He also thinks it would be hot as f*** to see me "his favorite woman" in a live p*** show.

  • Based on what you've said, it sounds like your husband loves you very much. It sounds to me like you two are perfectly reasonable people who love each other and will be able to works things out.

  • Well, he wants you to be a w****. That's what live p*** show means. Are you up for sucking two d**** at a time, getting dp'd, double vaginal, and other p*** stuff? That's what he wants.

  • People want all kinds of things, but it does not mean they always get it. I don't fault him for telling me his fantasy, I actually prefer that he did tell me instead of keeping it to himself.
    I'm probably not going to say yes, and he knows this. I'm just trying to understand why he, or any other man as far as that goes, would want their wife to f*** another man. If I can understand why, then I may say yes, but doubt I will ever understand enough to say yes.
    Oh, and I respectfully disagree that he wants me to be his w****. I have had s** with maybe five guys ever. One more would not make me a w****. And my husband's fantasy is just that, a sexual fantasy, he's not looking to do this all the time. We both agreed that if this ever happened it would be a one and done.

  • I think it's hot for sure. I wouldn't read too much into it - in my case I just get turned on by the idea of my wife being naughty. However, if she wasn't turned on by it, then I'm not sure I would find it fun. Try dirty talking about it during s** to see if it's something that you want to do. That might at least satisfy him in the meantime. The biggest concern is whether the reality will be as good as the fantasy - he should take a break from the p*** website for a few months and re-evaluate if it is something he really wants to try.

  • Not sure what the person below was trying to say, but I find your feedback very interesting. My husband does like to talk dirty when we have s**, and I get the feeling sometimes that he really doesn't want this fantasy to happen. I will have to test out your theory and see if this is what is going on with him.

  • The below comment wasn't meant to be addressed to you, it was done in error :-) I agree with your opinion.

  • You aren't her husband and you aren't the op. You have different opinions, perspectives, values, morals and so forth compared to them, because you're individuals. You aren't part if a collective group regarding this issue, so your opinion and understanding of how the op feels and should feel about her husband request, is irrelevant. You shouldn't offer advice based on your opinions. Try to empathise and see things from other people's perspectives, besides your own.

    You aren't helpful

  • Quite a few men are turned on by the idea of other men doing their wives. Different ones for different reasons. Some are very visual and like to watch or picture it in their minds. Some get off on humiliation. Some enjoy imagining what it would be like to be the lover you are cheating with, with all the excitement and none of the pressures of real life. Some are submissive. Some are natural beta males who experience a feeling of relief when you are taken by an alpha male. Some are more dominant and want to control who you do what with. For some the angst is like a roller coaster ride. Some just feel empowered or special knowing their wife is desired by other men. It is probably not because he wants another woman.

    There is a lot of cuckold information on the internet that might give you a better understanding.

  • It's more common than most girls, and even some guys think. Having their wives f*** other men. It's a relatively common fetish/kink. Rather they're watching or not. I've been trying to get my wife to do it, but she keeps refusing.

  • Promise her gifts and stuff if she'll do it. Some women like shopping a lot, and will spread them for anyone if they can go to the mall afterwards.

  • Why are you still pestering your wife, if she keeps refusing? Are you hoping she'll finally give in and submit to your request, if you keep on badgering her about it? You do realise you're pressuring your wife and disrespecting/discrediting her feelings regarding this matter, by continuously nattering her about it - when she says no.

    Why don't you accept your wife's "no" and leave it at that.

    No means no, so adhere it! Don't be a p****!

  • Did she say why she keeps refusing? If she is like me, she probably feels like it's a no win situation. If I f*** another man, then he will be p***** and want to f*** another woman. If I don't f*** another man, then he will think I'm not satisfying and still go f*** another woman. He assures me this is not the case, so that is why I am confused as to why he wants to. And besides that, I just don't want to f*** anyone else. My husband is more than enough to satisfy me.

  • Have you discussed your feelings and reservations to him? If yes and he still doesn't comprehend, perhaps it's time you consider a brief separation, to get things off his chest and out of his system. At least if you're both on a break and he f**** someone else or watch someone else getting f*****, it wouldn't be cheating.

  • He may be more than enough to satisfy you. But are you satisfying him? Satisfaction sexually can and will be different for many. I sometimes am content with s** with my wife but not satisfied and I am sure she is at times. I mean it's good or even great. For me what puts me over the wall is the thought of her having s** with another man and me not knowing it until afterward. I really don't need to see it, although I would watch if I caught her with someone. For me I think it is a competition thing. I have always been very competitive. I treat my wife better and with more respect if I think I have to work to keep her. It stirs my emotions of love for her and anguish over the possibility of someone else getting to have s** with her in a heated moment and her enjoying it, which I would hope that she did. I truly love my wife and have not cheated nor have a desire to be cheat on her.

  • This op confession isn't about your fantasises and what you personal like regarding s**, it's about the op. You should submit your own feelings as a confession, instead of making someone's confession about yourself.

    Also, just because the op's husband wants his wife to f*** other men, doesn't mean she's not personally satisfying him. It might just be a fantasy, that he wants to make a reality. It could be as simple as that. No one knows besides her husband. So don't assume anything and put your 2pence worth in, based on your opinions and personal preferences.

  • She's probably looking for something bigger

  • Re-read the confession, because your comment doesn't correlate with it. To be honest, it's f****** stupid!

  • Lmao. No, I could not take anyone bigger than my husband. He is better than 9 inches hard and as girth as my wrist. I could not take any bigger even if I wanted to.

  • Well why do you want to f*** another guy? I mean if you are thinking about doing it, then you must have a reason why you want to. Right?

  • Why did her husband ask her, that's the question. And she maybe thinking about doing it, because her husband maybe pestering and pressuring her to do so, no one knows besides her husband and herself, so don't assume s***! And if she's considering doing it, doesn't automatically mean she's thought about it before or that she secretly wants to, you fool! Perhaps, she maybe fed up of her husband asking her and maybe feels like if she does as her husband wishes, then she'll be pleasing her husband's sexual fantasises.

  • I'm thinking about it because he has asked me several times now. I don't want him to start f****** around because I don't satisfy him.

  • Do it, enjoy it and make him think you are only doing it to satisfy him. Think about it. You would not have to sneak around or hid it from him. His level of trust for you will go through the roof. Most men are so jealous of their wives it makes them miserable. If he truly is into this he will chase you, treat you kindly and love you. If not then he does not deserve you.

  • You clearly don't understand the word "no" and the concept of one wanting to only have s** with the person they love, no one else. Just because you may jump at this opportunity without any reservations and qualms, doesn't mean everyone else is like that!

  • Why would you think I want to sneak around or hide it from him? The point is that I do not want to have s** with another guy. I love my husband and only want to have s** with him. I have had other guys come on to me, but I have no interest.

  • I understand how you feel, because I have similar loyalties and love for my partner. I love him alone and only want to share my body aswell as my heart, with him alone and no one else. If my partner pestered and consistently pressured me to f*** another man whilst he watched, I would question whether to not he truly loved me. But that's just my feelings regarding this topic, I'm not saying your husband doesn't love you. Everyone has their own reasons, preferences and so forth.

    But I feel you.

  • I have shared my wife with my buddies before. It took a very long time to convinced my wife but finally she gave in and f***** 2 of my buddies. I sat there and watched.

  • Good for you, every marriage has its joy and pleasures, she wasnt threatened, she probably wondered at first if it was testing her, you proved that you still love her, cause your still her man.

  • We'll, you're f***** up in the first place, in bullying your wife to do that! Yes, pressuring, pestering and nattering someone to do as you wish for your selfish needs is "abusive" and you probably used her love for you to manipulate and coerce her into doing it! That's not love, if you think it is, your concept of what love is and means- is f***** up!

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