Fantasy for my future family..

I have this fantasy where I want to create a free use family, so just at anytime everyone in the house can be satisfied and just groom our family into the perfect free use situation, are there any women out there that feel the same way?

Feb 27, 2021

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  • Im a 15yr old female and my family life is kinda like this. Its my mum, stepdad, mums boyfriend, 2 older brothers (16,17) and younger sister (12).
    We dont see it as odd, iv never known any different. Both my brothers lost there virginity to our mum n me n my sister to my step dad (her dad)
    Iv had threesomes with my mum and brothers literally hundreds of times.
    Obviously there are rules, the biggest one is trust and keeping it to ourselves, also us kids are home schooled but even if we wasnt we wouldn't tell, like i said its all we've ever known and to be completely honest i love it, one day ill raise my kids the same.

  • Would definitely want to do this!! I was with a women who encouraged me to f*** her daughter and then I was funding both at same time for years

  • Secrets ALWAYS come out....then she plays dumb, and YOU go to jail. Your story has been written MANY times.

  • Years ago I met a single Mom with 4 kids who was trying to raise her family that way and was looking for a man who understood what she was doing and wanted to join them. I started a relationship with her and her kids but the older boy got out of control and wanted everything focused on HIM. He blackmailed her and me, so I backed out of the relationship..
    Moral here is BE CAREFUL and TREAD LIGHTLY in this area of family life..

  • Oh damn, well I appreciate the feedback! How was the experience before the older boy went out of control ? How did you find her ?

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