I hooked up with my step brother...

My step brother and I are really close and we have slept in the same bed before and stuff like that but recently my friends came over and we were all playing truth or dare and my step brother and I were dared to have s**. Our friends told us to do it on the floor right in front of them and we aren't chickens but we do have boundaries so we went into the other room and completed the dare. Now he thinks we should hook up more often! Help!

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  • He's not your biological brother, so who cares.

  • Zzzzzz.... Stepbrothers or stepsisters are just like having sexual intimacy with your neighbor. Now T or D : I dare you to have sexual relations with a biological brother!! THEN it's worth printing here.

  • Girl it just got started if you didn't know.

  • Was s** any good? If so, then why not have more s**?

  • It was REALLY good! But if I do this again, it could get awkward....but yeah he's big and it was hot

  • I had s** off and on with my stepsister for many years

  • More awkward than it already is? Go forth and f***.

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