I love getting kicked in the testicles by women

I confess. My whole life I was very intrigued at the idea of women kicking men in the b****. I got it a lot growing up and the girls reactions was one thing I'd think about for days ever time. I was an easy target for them let's just say. When I discovered ballbusting websites I was amazed. Shortly after I met a dominatrix. It was everything I expected but was the worst hour of my life so far. I'm getting tougher and we meet once a week now

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  • I am off to get my b**** a good kicking Thursday,was going tonight but got stuck in traffic and knocking shop would be closing and you do not git the service, so off on Thursday. I had a regular f*** buddy , but she left . I promise the other girl I would f*** one day and that day is Thursday. I teased her by ringing asking her if she wants some raw meat , she was up for it ,till I told what it was , then ohhh no. Thursday I will ring her beforehand and tell her than she have will 3 chances to hurt my b**** by kicking them but not bursting them,or I do not pay her to f*** her , I let her burst one for her Christmas present from me . Please reply your answers on the Christmas present.

  • I make them buy me eggs the next day lol

  • Drunkenly, my wife and her friend did it to me, my hands tied behind my back, my ties tied around my neck like a lead. Then they made me kiss their feet after. My b**** ached till the morning and I j******* like crazy all week to it

  • That's normal

  • That is because you are a loser

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