Funny story my gf sis told me.

I'm partial to a line of cocaine from time to time, so is my gfs sister. So the other day I offered her one and after a while we both got talking. She started talking about s** with her bf and said "I've only ever let him c** inside me once" and I said "fair enough you've got yer nip peirced and skinny body he just finish over them" and she replied " NOO ! I tell him to c** in his hand" hahahaha I feel so sorry for her bf.

She's a good looking girl and if my gf told me to pull out and c** in the palm of my hand I'd tell her to shut up and then c** all over her lolol.

I said you can't do that to your bf that's shocking and she just said so I don't like it near me. I think it's just the fact she's only ever been with her bf and is still learning what she's into. She's told me she doesn't mind a*** but won't take a c** shot over her t*** lolol wtf

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