Why ???

Do you hurt me so much..

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  • It's because you're such a f****** w****. Stop being such a f****** w**** and maybe I won't have to hurt you anymore.

  • Even if someone is perceived as a w****, that still doesn't give anyone the right, to physically and mentally hurt anyone, PERIOD!

  • Perception counts

  • Damn straight x

  • What if the op is a victim of domestic violence and the perpetrator is a relative or partner, would those that refer to "those who you love the most, hurt you the most?" Or what about the other comment of "one should feel the pain, to experience the depths of love?"

  • Those who love the most, hurt you the most!

  • If love doesn't hurt then it's not true one should feel the pain to experience the depths of love

  • How?

  • Listening is an art of the heart try out some time to listen on ur own without always questioning

  • Sometimes one must ask question in order to listen for what has been said.

  • And the question hour continues:)

  • You are confused about what a question is. That was a statement, not a question.

  • U don't have so much understanding so plz keep ur views to urself or else expand ur vision and try to follow the thread.
    The soul tuned to understand surely gets it plz don't tax ur brain..

  • You

  • Easy to say, harder to do. But thank you :)

  • I agree 🤝🏻

  • Easily achieved target doesn't give that punch must try to unlock harder combination then you can simply notice the change . Bdw ur welcm

  • No, your logic and metaphor is s***. It's always easy for someone whose not in your predicament to tell you otherwise, of which they're not you, so don't s***. Your welcome :)

  • What's your story

  • Re incarnation

  • Lol

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