Cuckold Fantasy and Fiancée Knows.

To be honest, I never knew anything about threesomes involving two men and one woman nor anything about cuckolding. My fiancée and I, were watching p*** and we came across a video featuring two men and one woman. Needless to say, much to my surprise and excitement, my fiancée got excited and admitted being turned on with this type of s**. One thing led to another, but eventually I came across cuckold videos and I discovered a strong attraction with this kind of lifestyle. We plan to marry next year, and she knows about my fetish. Since we discovered our fantasies our s** life is 100% better. We discussed threesomes in the past but we still have a long ways to go, but she knows my deep fantasy of being in a cuckold relationship with her where I'm the cuck, she the hotwife and another man taking the role of the Bull.

Jul 28, 2017

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  • Many years ago I had a similar conversation with my wife to be. She was very accepting of my fantasy and mad it happen many times before we got married. That was 29 years ago and we have lived a hotwife / cuckold lifestyle ever since.

  • My fiancée knows that my most intense cuckold fantasy is for her to let another an have her virginity.

  • Honesty always multiplies the intense sexual pleasure. so be open and honest with each other and everyone is a winner

  • I will,f*** any female family member and c** in her while you watch. Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • Please f*** my virgin fiancée!

  • Getting that out before marriage is a sure bet she will be engaged in sexual relations with other men, perhaps very soon before or after you're married. Good luck to both of you.

  • I have the same fantasy and I've been warned by those who should know to be "careful what I wish for!"

    Hasn't cured my interest in the fantasy, though......

  • "needless to say, to my surprise" are two very different statements that contradict each other. Similar to how you may really feel when a well endowed man steals your wife away.

  • I'm not OP, but I want a well endowed man to steal my wife away to have mind blowing s**!

  • Do it! I shared my wife with strangers and friends and it's awesome

  • Hey i like to see ur wife naked pictures it's my email address

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