My fantasy, Mother in Law cuckolding me

I have been living with the MIL Sharon for a few years now and I cant help being attracted to her. I started out going into her room taking the odd pair of panties but the desire grew when I came across her s** toy stash.

I found spiked restraints, catsuit, vibrators, and my favourite the strapon!

I knew as soon as I saw this I wanted my MIL to f*** me with it. I cant get the fantasy out my head now and have been jerking off to it ever since. I Know she's been seeing this guy but its not very frequently but she's been buying outfits and toys when she visits him. She just recently bought a new strapon which is bigger. I'm not sure I could take it but I'm so desperate for her to know my fantasy and would love to be her cuckold. I would clean her vibrators for her after she teased me and came in front of me with them.
I'd have her dress me like a sissy if she wanted and lock my c*** up, Then f*** me with her strapon! I have also bought a strapon that I want her to use, its a double ended one so she can get pleasure while also f****** me. Its under my bed which I want her to find and take for her use.

I've tried to drop hints and leave laptop open on cuckold and strapon p*** for her to find so she knows I'm into the same thing but she's never brought it up. I think its because she's worried if our secret was to get out.

I've bought her items before and sneaked them into her room, first panties which she noticed and asked the family about which scared me a bit and stopped for a while but then I bought her some wedges which I love to see her in and left them in her room. I think she may have seen one pair but not said anything. Id love to shop with her and buy her the sexy lingerie and heels. Id love her to tease me in them and me just be her s** slave to use and abuse as she wishes.

Jan 4

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