I know that my ex's new girlfriend is

I know that my ex's new girlfriend is cheating on him. He's doesn't know it. Doesn't have a f****** clue. So should I tell him? If I do tell him, he might think it's me trying to get him back (which I admit I would like to do), but the girl is a trashy little ho and has been f****** at least 2 other people. Maybe I should put the idea in his head and let him find out for himself....

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  • How do you know? Have you seen his GF with other men,whilst dating your ex? If you haven't,don't listen to gossip,you don't know how accurate it can be.Mind your own business aswell!! If you broach this topic with your ex,either directly or slyly,he may not appreciate it!! Get on with your life and leave your ex alone.You're ex's for a reason,leave it alone!!

  • I do not think it would be the best thing to tell him, because it is not your place. Besides, you want him back, so he could think that that is the reason for you telling him. I think you should stay close to him (as a friend), so that when he does find out, he will come talk to you about it. Maybe you should drop the idea in his head without being too obvious. Say something like, I saw you the other night at the club with your girl, and I was wondering why you didn't answer when I was calling your name.

  • I think the grab-bag full of STD's she brings home will clue him in. Let him suffer, that's not your problem anymore.

  • if he doesnt believe you you ruin your chance even if he finds out later you told the truth. dont shoot the messenger. maybe get pics of her behavior and send the to him in the mail all the while being supportive and a good shoulder to cry on. dont let him know you interfered people dont like manipulation controlling people or bossy people. as much as parents good advice is annoying yours will be too. be unnanamous. but have proof.

  • leave him an anonomous note or get someone else to tell him

  • I think the better you can do is let the time passes on and let truth be discovered by him. Trust me! everything is discovered, one day or another... Then, when it will happen, you must be the friend he will call to cry on your shoulders... you know what I mean ;)

  • Tell your Ex, maybe he'll come back to you ;)

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