My dad stinks

And I try to tell him. My mom and I try to hint at it. But he's got this horrible pride issue- he never gets it. He gets angry if we're in any way implying it's him. He says he "doesn't sweat", doesn't need to shower more. Some people do, some people need to take care of their hygiene, but not him. And I know it's putting off some of his potential clients. He is incredibly smart and great at his work, but I know, I know, people can smell it. It makes me want to cry to think about it. He WON'T get it, won't believe it, won't accept it. He's that proud.

Apr 18, 2012

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  • Same problem my dad he old 68 sweats bed room stinks .he moved my now my home starting stink cause him.

  • The title makes me laugh but I hope he can help it though sorry about the laugh

  • Everyone sweats. Refuse to get into the car with him or be in the same room as him etc till he showers. Take a bus or something instead. Even people living in the third world do their best to stay clean - there's no excuse for someone living in a western nation to not practice basic hygene unless they're mentally handicapped etc.

  • No one wants to hear that they smell. That would just be terribly embarrassing. But maybe your mom (especially - since she shares a bed with him) should stop hinting and honestly tell him what a lot of people may be thinking. He could actually be sick and in denial or scared about finding out what is really going on. Encourage him to see a doctor..

  • i'm sorry, i wish i could help you friend i don't know how i guess work his pride against him make it his bane... i have done this many times...

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