I smoke in front of my baby

I try not to smoke near my baby. I always try and go out for a cigarette. One day it was raining heavily and I needed a smoke so I smoked in the house. She did not have any reaction. As time passed I started smoking at home more regularly. Now I always smoke inside

Aug 3, 2017

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  • Oh my goodness, this discussion brings back so many sensual feelings I had as a child. Compared to my own staunch non-smoking parents, and their strict parenting style, I became strongly attracted to the smell and sight of clouds of tobacco smoke at my Aunty's home (where I stayed often). The smell of Aunty's cigarettes and the sight of her face as she puffed on her burning smoke came, for me, to reflect the love and affection I received from her. Unlike my stiff and regimented parents, my Aunty Clare's smoking in front of me and all around me actually gave me enormous and much-needed comfort. As just a little boy, I recall frequently sitting on my Aunty's lap being cuddled while she smoked. Rather than being offensive to me, I instead felt secure and warm by being immersed in Aunty C's smoke.

    I know what happened was "bad" and "taboo", but, through her love of smoking, my beloved Aunty offered me a most sensual and comforting escape from the realities of life with my "upstanding" mother & father. Just after my 8th birthday, and upon arriving for a two week stay with Aunty C, the issue of smoking came out in the open between us. Not for the first time, Aunty told me how much pleasure her cigarettes give her and how glad she is to be a smoker. As I sat there on her lap, I was captivated and mesmerised as Aunty lovingly opened my mind to the possibility of having a try myself. The next thing I know, and in spite of feelings of fear about my parents, Aunty is encouraging me to take little puffs from her burning cigarette between her fingers. Next thing I know, I am holding my own cigarette, and trying to copy the way Aunty was showing me how to inhale the smoke. And then, perhaps the most wonderous experience I had ever known, as the smoke I had sucked in, for the first time, hit my little lungs.

    Thank you to the bottom of my heart my beloved Aunty for inviting me to become a part of your smoke filled life.

  • You are a douche- from a kid who’s parents did similar s*** and now we all have our health problems.

  • Do you enjoy smoking?

    Most of this moralizing is BS. We drink too much, eat too much sugar, too much meat, don't get enough exercise or some other damn thing. Life is to be enjoyed. If you really enjoy smoking, enough to be OK with the health effects, then it's fine. Your kids will have elevated risks and will likely become smokers, but if you think, on balance, smoking is worth it -- then good for you.

  • Your kids, your choice. Smoke all you want in their faces. Ain't nobody else's business.

  • Yah right, "nobody else's business." When the kid develops lung issues, out comes the GoFundMe page and the "please buy my sick child everything I demand for her while I sit on my chain-smoking a$$" routine.

    Modern mommies are all about MYOB one second and "fund my reproductive mistakes in every way possible" the next.

  • Do you also suck a lot of d**** in front of your baby? I bet so.

  • Why would that be bad?

  • Sucking d*** is good. Letting your kids see it is not harmful.

  • Brilliant. Now your baby is a smoker. Nicely done, idiot.

  • You really went outside for smoking? Nooo way... my mom wouldnt have done that. I grew up in a smoke filled house and first didnt mind and then just loved it since im a smoker myself now.

  • Me too. My parents smoked like chimneys inside the house. I turned out fine. Our kids will too. No worries; smoke away. I do.

  • Silly wabbit: cigs aren't for kids.

  • Because?

  • My wife started smoking pretty young. She liked them.

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