Getting fat

I got married 3 years ago, weighing 190 pounds. My hubs likes big women, so he has encouraged me to gain weight. He thought I was sexy at 190 but would like me to be at least twice that weight. I am so lucky, because I have a huge appetite, and over the last 3 years I have gained 115 pounds! Love it!!! How lucky can I get? A hubby that wants me to get fat! (or fatter). I wonder I much larger I can get before I get diabetes or something. Don't really care, tho.

Aug 4, 2017

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  • How is your family accepting the fatter you?

  • You only go around once. Why not make it a gluttony-filled trip? Hope you and your husband are enjoying it. My wife and I definitely are!

  • My secret desire was to marry a beautiful girl with a sexy hourglass figure and gorgeous long hair. Then as soon as we got home from our honeymoon she would cut her beautiful long hair into a short pixie cut and she would start eating everything in sight. I wanted her double her weight in a year of two.
    It happened like that, except my wife didn't pixiecut her hair until ten years later, when she found her first gray hairs. She did let herself go, but only slowly. It took her 15 years to double her weight from 140 to 280 pounds. So I eventually got my wishes. I thoroughly enjoyed her slow transformation. If only it hadn't taken so long.
    The only problem was she developed diabetes and was forced to lose weight, but not all the weight she had put on. At 210 she is still gorgeously fat and her diabetes is under control. I'm willing to compromise, for the sake of her health. Now if only she would cut her lovely shoulder length hair back to a pixiecut. I love pixiecuts as much as I love soft plump round figures.

  • I got fat too. As I got fat I got lazier. Then got fatter. It's nice being lazy. But now I am getting fatter faster. Starting to get a little worried. But I do enjoy just lying around and snacking. I think at some point I will probably want to start losing weight, but not yet.

  • Have you continued to pork up? How are you feeling about it?

  • I had no intent on commenting on this post but im warning everyone stop commenting on this post dont take it seriously, look at the end of the post this person says they dont care if they get diabetes or something the person that posted this is obviously looking for attention. remember dont feed the trolls

  • Fat is the new normal. No one cares anymore how fat I am (and I have let myself get pretty darn fat after I got married. My husband has also gotten fat. It's nice to be comfortable with your weight. Niether one of us is making any attempt to control our weight. Is your husband also gaining weight, or is it just you?

  • Have you two continued to fatten up?

  • I starve my gf. I like her skinny

  • What is wrong with you? I was once 5'4" and 195, and my husband loved me, but have worked out and have gotten my weight down to 150. I haven't looked or felt better ever. I still want to be more fit and healthy.

    I work as a disability analyst, and I swear the #1 condition afflicting the globe is not global warning, it's not cancer, it's not HIV, it's freaking obesity. Let's stop celebrating it and recognize that it is a very negative thing across the board, and offer some real supports to cure it.

  • Honestly who cares? Obesity is beautiful and fat s** is incredible

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