I Got My Husband Pregnant

When I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, my husband so kindly insinuated that my productivity and effort around the house was dwindling. I take care of almost everything at home, but the further along I got in my pregnancy and the bigger I got, the harder it was for me to do things he was used to be doing all the time for us.
After a rather biting remark from him one day, I decided things were going to change. So I got him pregnant.
I bought him two XXL bras and four pair of XXL Spandex bodysuits. I bought some water balloons and small trash bags. I bought him some XXL gym shorts and bigger shirts. And waited for him to come home.
When he came home that Friday evening, I introduced him to his new weekend body - a pregnant version of himself. I told him that since he was being so mean to me that I wanted him to experience what it was like to be me. At first he refused, but I insisted and told him he would get lucky, and he eventually gave up and allowed himself to get pregnant.
I put his new bra on him and loaded him up with DD water balloons in each cup. I made him get on his Spandex and loaded his belly with trash bags full of water. I double bagged them so he wouldn’t leak. And then he put on another set of Spandex to keep his belly in place better. When I was done with him, he was a waddling, pregnant man who was 50 pounds heavier.
I made him stay that way, all weekend, each weekend until I delivered our baby. He would wear his pregnant suit from Friday evening to Monday morning, even sleeping in it overnight. He got so used to being pregnant that he even forgot one Monday morning and wore his bra to work. He did all his weekend tasks with his extra body weight, like mowing the lawn or working on the cars, and by the time he was done each weekend, he was so nice to me and quit criticizing me and what wasn’t happening at the house each week.
He literally wore it the entire weekend, but I wasn’t totally a horrible wife. I made love to that pregnant man each day he wore his pregnant suit. He got excited to take a shower and put on a fresh pregnancy suit each night because he knew he was going to get lucky. And it was very sexy to make love to my pregnant husband. The bigger I got, the more adventurous we had to become, but that made it even more fun, funny and sensual.
That was a few years ago. He’s gained some weight now (about 40 pounds) and almost looks five months pregnant on his own. Every now and then, we both get pregnant once we put the child down for the night and we relive the old, preggie days! But I had to buy him a couple sizes bigger of a bra and Spandex to accommodate his actual chubby belly and extra weight.
That experience a few years ago brought us so close together as we gained empathy for each other. So, getting my husband pregnant was one of the best decisions I ever made!

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  • Thanks for the idea!! We did something similar this weekend and had a lot of fun and laughs and more empathy. And it was kinda cute to see hubby all nice and fat!!

  • I wish my wife would make me pregnant.

  • Sounds sexy and fun! Good luck!

  • I was only boy and with five and want they done things not right I was my sister told my mom and dad and I have done things and there was sometime I did do it and mom and dad well dress me up as a girl and they me bank some things in front of me and I was tie up andgag make me go to sleep in my sister things to and make me do to wear my sister things my things

  • How was the intimacy when he was pregnant?

  • Very fun, actually. His body weight was heavier and bigger, and I liked that. A lot of laughing and joking and teasing. I told him I wanted him to be pregnant again for s** next time.

  • I did this to my husband when he was acting bugged that I was struggling. I loaded him up with 60+ pounds of extra weight. He had gigantic, fake, water balloons b******. I put a weight training belt around his waist. I also filled up his belly with so much water. It was more than 60 pounds when I was finished and he struggled so much to do basic things. He couldn’t get dressed in his own. He couldn’t tie his shoes. It was difficult for him to get in and out of the car or off the couch. He got winded very quickly. His gripping really was more empathetic after his experience. I didn’t hear a peep out of him the rest of my pregnancy.

  • Quit your b*******. When you start dealing with the stress of work and the physical labor men deal with everyday of our lives, not just 2 or 3 months, then you can complain. Now shut yo mouth woman and get yo ass back in the kitchen and make me a sammich b****.

  • You are assuming she doesn’t also “work outside the home” and that pregnancy is hard for just 2-3 months and that someone is willing to put up with your BS mouth.

  • You assume I give a f*** about you opinion, I don't. Now get yo ass back in the kitchen b****.

  • Not everyone is impressed with your macho man attitude.

  • Again, you assume I give a f*** about your opinion. Someone needs to stuff a f****** d**** in your ass and kick your loud mouth c*** ass back in the kitchen where you belong. Sugar T***!!

  • Well said. These women should be in the kitchen making dinner for their men rather than being busy bodies on the internet.

  • But then what would you spank it to? Oh right, twelve year old boys as usual. You're right, we should be making your dinner. Pay no attention to the faint almond-like flavor in your steak........

  • I’m going to do this with my boyfriend. I’m going to get him pregnant next weekend!

  • S**** you

  • Let us know his reaction!

  • He was not too thrilled when I showed him the bra, spandex and woman’s bathing suit. I told him I thought it would bring us closer together as a couple, and I wanted him to really try it this weekend. I told him we would stay in the apartment all weekend or I would run any errands that needed to be done. He reluctantly put on all the materials. I didn’t make him too big, though, because I want him to do it in the future again.
    He was probably 30-40 pounds bigger. I didn’t make his b****** too big. Maybe a C cup, and he complained about his bra at first. He set it was hard to breathe in it. He wasn’t sure about the water belly either. But as soon as he was ready, I giggled, jiggled his belly and told him how much I loved him. He was still not thrilled, so I asked him if we could fool around in the bedroom. That got his attention!

  • How did he like the DD water balloons all the time?! Ha ha!

  • Ha ha! You made his b****** big for him!

  • He likes them more on me for sure! He keeps commenting about a bra being uncomfortable and his b****** getting in his way.

  • Good! He learned that, too! The ladies are hard to deal with when they are ginormous.

  • My husband wore an empathy belly. It sounds very similar to this. He was much nicer to me afterwards.

  • How did he like his empathy belly? My husband enjoyed being pregnant with his. Crazy man!

  • My husband loved his Empathy Belly.

  • Very similar to an Empathy Belly. But more realistic looking.

  • When my wife got morning sickness she stopped us having s** and made me promise no masturbation

  • Sounds like you made a “punishment” something that eventually became fun for both of you that you still enjoy!

  • I should have done this with my boyfriend!

  • I’m going to do this with my husband. He will look so sexy when he’s pregnant!

  • Let us know his reaction and how he acts!

  • When I showed him what I wanted to do, he laughed and said no problem. He joked around a lot the first couple hours. Then the novelty and fun of it wore off and he was really experiencing what it’s like to be pregnant. He was tired. His back hurt. He didn’t like wearing his bra. He said his gigantic b****** got in the way of too many things, like taking a nap or doing the dishes. I told him to just hang on for the day and I would make it worth it to him. By the end of the day, he was much more empathetic to me and being pregnant. I told him it’s like that for me everyday, and I want him to do it every weekend until the baby is born. He said he would, but we will see. Before he took his belly and b****** off, he got a sexy lap dance from me and some other action, and he was in a better mood.

  • Ha ha! So funny, and I’m glad it worked. It’s not easy being pregnant! I’m glad he learned his lesson.

  • Then why the h*** do you females lode your minds chasing that ring if not for anything else but to have a baby?

  • I think all females want the man and a baby. Both are status symbols. One without the other is incomplete.

  • No, not all females "want the man and a baby". Yes, both are status symbols, for sure-- but there are other ones too, that don't require putting up with a noisy, smelly infant who can only sit there and wail until its needs are met. That leaves out both men and babies, sweethearts!

  • Because it's about status. So the female can humblebrag about "her man" and (usually) the huge rock he bought her and start excluding all her "sisters" who aren't yet engaged or married.

  • Yep. Women are real a******* to each other

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