My girlfriend is giving me a free pass

My girlfriend cheated on me multiple times at the start of our relationship and to make up for it she decided to give me a free pass to do the same to her... Anyways I started talking to this girl who seems really nice and funny and amazing and her and I have a date planned... It's just, I kind of want to dump my girlfriend for this girl. My girlfriend kind made it so I can't trust her but I already told this other girl everything and I don't know. I am torn.

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  • Yeah dude if you know anything about love, you should know the only girl you wanna be with is your girlfriend and vice versa for her too. but if you have a different moral standard then keep doing what your doing and you'll realize one day that you were wrong

  • Your gf is NOT giving you a free pass: she's taking another one FOR HERSELF.

  • I agree with this person. If you really feel there's a chance you and the other girl could have a good relationship, then dump your girlfriend. She's already cheated on you.

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