Want to be dominated by a hung guy

I'm a guy first, not the most well endowed but ok, bug I want a guy with a huge d*** to dominate me. I want him to walk into a hotel room while I'm f****** a girl, and literally drag me off her and start f****** her with his huge d***. I want to hear thegurl screaming and moaning more than I made her then for him to c** inside her. Then he turns to me and makes me suck his d*** clean before walking off and leaving me with the girl and her sloppy stretched c***.

I want to be forced to strip naked in a club and expose my below average d*** to everyone and then suck him off, or get f***** by him in front of everyone laughing and taking photos and videos. The humiliation will mean I'm getting f***** while I have a little erection. Then he'll pull out and c** all over me leaving me drenched in his j***, being laughed at by everyone.

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  • My best friend and I are kinda sissyish and we've had s** with older boys since we were a lot younger. We'd seen p*** sites where older black guys were f****** cute twink's like us and we'd fantasize about it. I was the first one to experience it last year when I was fourteen. It was too big, it hurt and stretched me out for almost a whole week. I liked it kinda? I still do it with him but only once or twice a month. My friend got it from him and a friend of his and he does it all the time with his friends??

  • So I met a guy online and have returned home with a sore throats from gagging and my a****** stretched. Best bit is I was at d****** park and at least 3 people saw. Afterwards the guy showed everyone how much bigger his d*** was which was great!

  • Consult with your proctologist about those risks.

  • I've had big enough d***** in my ass to know I can handle it

  • Kill yourself.

  • I don't know if it's possible to die via huge c*** in the ass

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