Pantie boy

I am 15 and i love wearing panties, i sneak into my moms room and put on all her sexy panties. i started to wear panties the day after my 14 birthday when my mom mixed up the laundry and without knowing it she gave me a pink thong that said naughty girl on it. i put it on and loved it.

How do i tell her i love wearing panties and how do i tell her that i sneak into her pantie drawer

i need your help

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  • I'm fifteen and have been wearing my two younger sister's panties since I was ten. Mom's caught me numerous times and kinda thinks it's cute. She's asked me if I'm gay and I said no. Two weeks ago her friend from college came to visit and her son Nathan who's seventeen now, he caught me in panties three years ago and one thing led to another and he f***** me. Even though I was only twelve I really liked it and so did he. Every time he visits it's the same. Well, I was so excited to see him I thought I'd seduce him instead of the other way around. Mom came into my room when I had panties on with um pulled aside and I was sitting on his c*** all up inside of me. I hollered for her to get out and she really didn't see it slip out of me but I think she probably knows because she's bought me my own panties and put them in my underwear drawer next to my underpants with condoms?

  • I recently confessed to a female friend that I had always thought she was out of my league but I found her so very attractive that I could not help myself from going through her clean and dirty panties on several nights when I would house sit for her. She laughed and told me to each his own! Its cool. Thanks for telling her. Then she asked me if I would just play around a little or if I would get c** on her belongings? She began to get more angry so I pulled down my pants right in front of her and after dropping to my knees just kept saying I was sorry while I tugged my little d*** faster and faster. I begged her to not be mad and not to tell anyone but she just shook her head and looked at her watch. I cummed so hard it hit my face and neck because I was leaning back on my naked ass and begging her to watch by the time I was gonna c**. She never said anything but "Get out" Even when I picked up a pair of her panties from the bathroom floor after I redressed. I loved j********** to her but I lost a good friend so if you are going to confess make sure your self controll is better than mine. And f*** my friend. It was worth it for that o***** and for the thrill off her watching

  • Stop with the panties already. Enough!

  • You beat me to the punch. All these stories are probably from one warped person, f**** sake.

  • When I was 16 I bought a girls dance leotard. I used to wear it under my clothes. Sometimes I masturbated in it. It got pretty gross. One day my mom found it between the mattress and the bed base. She washed it and put it in my underwear draw.

    I was absolutely mortified when I found it and realised she knew my dirty little secret. She came and talked to me and said it was ok. I was still embarassed as h***.

    A while later she spoke again and then again. She put some of her old panty hose in the draw and suggested I try them and asked if I'd like her to buy anything in particular. I said no but really enjoyed the panty hose and the leotard.

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  • We need to all bomb the f*** out of these pantie posts. All of them. BOMBAY!

  • What are you talking about

  • Your right about that. These couple guys that post this sh it all day long need p*** slapped !

  • Oh you remind me of a pantie bully, now was her name vicky or I it might have been louie, or horror horse , anyways tell louise to stop playing pantie boy bully around me, I might not be openly rich as her but I am no cheapskate like her, I have more class and virginity then she ever owned. never push me too far again old male hoof!

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