The New Sewer Pipe

Right now, and for the past week, the city has been tearing up the street in front of my house to install new sewer pipe. In recent developments, they are now storing bundles of the new sewer pipe on the parking on front of my house.

In the wee hours of the coming morning, say around 3 a.m., it is my intention to go outside, up to one of these stored pipes, drop trou, and let loose a crap in one of the stored, uninstalled and virginal sewer pipes. Reason: because I want to be the first to leave a dump in this newly laid sewer.

It'll be like virgin s**, but better, more unique, because many peoples' crap will go through this pipe over the years, but mine will always be the first. I'll be like Perry conquering the North Pole!

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  • Too funny... I'm on damaged property sites, sometimes as things are starting to be redone or at least, received to be installed. Had a house last year that way. Already gutted, but supplies starting to be delivered and stored. including a new, still in the cardboard bottom, toilet.

    I had to go, and, not just p***, which I do pretty much all over these properties, so, went to my bag, grabbed the roll of p*** paper I keep in there, and, as it was stored in the basement...Bent down and laid a huge dump inside the brand-spanking new toilet.. Figured by the time I was done that day and left, whoever found it days later would have no idea who did it...

    Another time, not me, but the woman who helped me from time to time, and, had a tiny bladder, had to go, bad, while we were doing another house with the same situation.. Still damaged, but owners starting to acquire new stuff to remodel..I told her go downstairs and use the new s******..She was afraid, so wanted me to stand guard (I'd seen her naked a bunch of times, so, that wasn't the issue between us) while she begrudgingly p***** and pooped in the new toilet.. I can still see those beautiful green eyes of hers, looking up at me all concerned that someone was coming.. There wasn't, we were alone..

  • The city may have a new sewer pipe, but yours is the same old s******.

  • Wow. Little. Really little things

  • DO IT!!!

  • No one knows for sure if Perry took a dump up North.

  • You are correct. He held it in.

  • Retarded.

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