I cant stand my girlfriends son and we are gay

I have been with my girlfriend for a year (im a girl too) i love her SO f****** much its a joke! But I really really can't stand her son. Even down to the way he moves annoys me! Its not even like hes a bad kid.. he is sometimes rude and forgets his manners but what kid doesnt! I just HATE it when he comes near me and I HATE seeing him with her! It makes me uncomfortable and awkward! What do I do! I can't leave her I love her so much! She knows how much i can't stand him and tries her best to keep him away from me but its getting too much now and We leep arguong about it cause she wants to he 'family unit' but i just want it to me and her. I wouldnt even care if he was abducted or anything! Am i a horrible person f*** i dont know what to do!

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  • Okay it’s one thing to have an issue with a child but for f****** reason? What did you expect people to say about this? it’s nasty it’s sad, it shows YOU’RE BOTH desperate ass sorry ass horrible PEOPLE. If you knew she had a kid why did you even engage yourself? And if she’s aware of how you feel about her son and doesn’t want to f*** you up and leave you, well she’s just as terrible as you and you deserve each other ♥️

  • If he has no manners. Then bare his little ass and put manners on him....

  • Have you ever thuought about how much better it would be there if that little boy were to be feminized ?? he would act a whole lots different if he was wearing skirts and dresses

  • Yes you are a horrible person putting your selfish desires before a child's need - f@ck u

  • ^Agreed. Not only are you horrible, you're an ignorant idiot. IT doesn't matter if this is a straight or gay relationship. There is a child involved and you're asking the mother to keep it away from you because you don't like it? Grow the f*** up. You don't know what love is. You shouldn't be in any relationship where kids are involved. Find someone who doesn't want children and doesn't have children. This child is a package deal with this woman. Even the mother needs help that she's trying to help you so that you don't need to be around her child. Seriously, there is NO compromise here. That child deserves to be in a home where the parents/caretakers love the child. You just being there borders on abuse. Do the right thing and leave.

  • You don't know how much this actually is helping. Thankyou

  • Wow and I thought I was crazy wanting opals and emeralds and jewels from a old man and for him to buy my house for me just for s**.

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