Feel so bad

My boyfriend caught me cheating on him and shaved my head as a punishment. Rather than tell everyone the real reason, I said I'd shaved my head for a cancer charity and when people donated money I kept it. I feel truly awful.

Aug 31, 2017

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  • Did you get tired from seeing the same d***

  • Something like this happened a few years ago near where I live, except it was a jealous wife and her sister who kidnapped the cheating husband's mistress and shaved all of her long hair off.

    If you're going to play my dear, don't be too shocked if you have to pay.

  • You are a scum bag cheating w****! Your boyfriend is an idiot for keeping you around he should have tossed your ass out on the street.

  • You are a loser who has no skill sexually. you will be cheated on to stupid b****....

  • Your boyfriend is no friend to you. Please leave him. I'm afraid that his behavior toward you will only get worse.

  • I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this. What he did was pointless and mean and degrading. Please don't go through this again, or expose yourself to some treatment that may be worse. Your boyfriend has a disease, a mental disorder. Or he's just evil. But whatever is wrong with him, it's not up to you to fix him. You need to get away from him, and you should do that as soon as you possibly can do so. Please just go, and don't let him hurt you. I'll pray for you. Good luck.

  • You should confess this to your boyfriend and ask him to whip your ass really really hard as punishment.

  • You are an idiot. I would have left him, or had someone kick his ass for making me bald. Instead you sat there and got forced into getting your head shaved like you was in some kind of boot camp. But knowing you you're probably dumb as f***, so you belong together.

  • Don't ever let that guy disrespect and demean you like that again. In fact, don't ever let ANY guy do that to you. You're better than that, you deserve better and you should go find better. Don't waste any more time on a man who believes you are his property and who treats you like a thing he owns, or (at best) a pet who's misbehaved.

  • Dump him he is a p****

  • Damn straight!

  • F*****' A.

  • This is all your boyfriend's fault. Entirely. First thing: get away from him. Break up with his sorry ass today. If not sooner. Second thing: give the money back. Don't explain why. Just do it. If pressed just say there were mistakes in the charity. Get your conscience clear but get rid of your boyfriend. He's bad for you. Really bad.

  • Indefensible. Unforgiveable.

  • Please. get over it people are sexual creatures most of the time they dont get enough from one person

  • So you're a hoe, theif, and abused by your boyfriend? Time to move to Seattle and start over

  • Man your such a f****** loser soo butthurt over cheating

  • She won't - she's dumb as f******.

  • She's not dumb: she's just afraid.

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