The powerful rule of 3

Haha, what goes around, comes around. Did you really think your toxic boomerang wouldn't come back and smack you in your vain lying face.

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  • Lessons usually hit everyone at some point.

  • No such thing!

  • The powerful rule of superstition and idiots lol

  • Without knowing what happened this s*** is meaningless dumbass

  • It's truly the rule of 3 then because it's headed straight back at you for wishing suffering on someone, sorry. You're condemning this person without understanding that you are just as, if not more, "toxic".

  • Didn't wish it, just laughing cause it happened :)

  • I don't wish her bad luck or consequences, I just know how it works when you destroy a person for your ego that it usually comes back, but maybe that was fated too, and a way to get away from such meanness and craziness

  • What? She killed someone? How do you destroy a person?

  • Well then I wish her what she deserves

  • Then I'm due for some good things b****

  • I don't hope you get what you deserve, I know it's going to happen.

  • ^^^^^ so you, a stranger is hoping for a stranger to get what they deserve, which contradicts what you just said. Wow you are a special kind of stupid haha

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