I saw a severed human head on a pole deep in the woods

There was no body. The head was a woman's head. I didn't tell anyone because I'm afraid if I told the police the murderer would come after me.

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  • In the end, there can be only one!

  • I don’t appreciate you drawing unwanted attention to my work. You really shouldn’t have come here. I can’t wait to become acquainted. I have so many fun activities planned for just the two of us. my next masterpiece...

  • Morons.......

  • Fake post , you are just trying to get attention, the biggest danger is my c*** up your butt hole and me F***ing you to death until your spirit leaves your body , as Mr.Garrison always says F*** them all to death , meaning I pull down your pants and I f*** you to death until your spirit leaves your body .

  • Looks like killer already chopped your b****

  • Based purely on your post, my guess is that the head was yours.

  • Too late. I know who you are. I’m coming after you next.

  • Report it you f****** idiot.

  • Too late, you've posted. He'll find you now

  • Say goodbye to YOUR head.

  • Most of the posters around here would never notice it was missing

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