Muslims in Houston Texas says they aren't going to help Infidels

Churches and Synagogues are opening their shelters to people who have been driven from their homes. You can seek shelter in a church or a Synagogue but not in a Mosque.

Let's remember this the next time they get their sorry worthless a**** in trouble. To H*** with Islam.

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  • You f-u-c-k-i-n-g liar!!

  • N****** are n******, no matter where they come from.

  • Or what color their skin is

  • Bunch a f uckin sandniggers

  • Kill yourself

  • Hows bout I just cap yo ass instead. N****!

  • Bring it p****. then you can go get raped in jail.

  • At least there will be one less m*********** like you in the world.

  • I've eaten c-o-c-k-s twice as big as your head so I can handle you.

  • Doubt you can handle a .308 coming at your head @ 3,000 feet per second.

  • My .357 at the base of your skull will prove you wrong.

  • Lol, you obviously have no idea what a .308 rifle is.

  • The h*** I don't! You have no idea what a .357 at point blank can do.

  • L****. If you knew what a .308 was than you would also know that you wouldn't be able to close enough to use that .357 before you were history. Go back home little boy, go back home.

  • I agree with 308 guy on this one. I have both 308 (AR10) and 357. If I was going into a gun fight I would take the 308 any day of the week and twice on Sunday. With the AR10 you have a 30 round mag vs. 6 rounds in the 357. AR10 is semiauto vs. Revolver in 357. AR10 is a combat rifle. That is why you see military with 308 instead of 357 sidearm when they go out. There is just no question about it. Straight up gun fight you would be dumb to take a 357 over an AR10. But that is just my two cents as an old army vet with 32 years of service.

  • "fake news" is just news republicans don't like or don't have the capacity to understand.

  • Fake News is marching orders for democrats that only know how to bleat to the beat.

  • You must know from experience. The left has taught you well.

  • You sound like a genius......

  • I am, unlike your retarded ass!

  • Sure you are....

  • Republicans don't understand anything beyond what their lizard brains can comprehend. That's why they behave like three year olds all the time.

  • You're full of s*** they had their mosques open to everybody wayyy before that a****** with the mega church did. You're scum for not only misinforming people, but for downright spreading hateful lies, what's worse is that people will straight up believe you.

  • How do we know you're not spreading bullshit lies? Maybe you should go back to the middle east with them.

  • Do you have a religion? if you do you should go f*** yourself and let the rest of the world advance....

  • All religion is the problem. It always has been. So how about you go f*** your momma.

  • What? you like f****** your own mom? gross you should see a shrink...or just kill yourself

  • Fail on the comeback. So you are either a r***** or you are a teenager. Either way, you don't know s***. Peace, I'm out n****

  • Peace hahahaha f*** off you sound like a teenager look at your previous line. how does that school debt feel? you even have a f****** car?

  • School debts paid in full cause I make $200k a year. How about you smart guy? How's grandma's basement working out for you?

  • Lololol you're that 30 year old closeted h***! why don't you go suck some more d*** on the down low you f****** p**** b****!!!!!!!

  • Lol, I'm a woman to stupid presumptuous f***. Now how stupid does your comment look? You f****** r*****, go ask your grandma for more pudding.

  • Aren't you doing the same damn thing? either way you are a racist piece of s***....

  • I'm not racist, you are ya f*** stick. I'm black, I can use the word n****.

  • Just because you're black doesn't mean you aren't a racist, n-i-g-g-e-r!

  • You f****** d*** sucking, ballless f****. Minorities aren't racist. Only you white privileged crackers are. You honkey ass m*********.

  • I apologise i saw red when i see all this racist s*** and my reading comprehension dropped. i thought you were op or something.

  • I'm good. why don't you go buy a nice car with all that money and drive it into a wall you worthless f*******.

  • Who can blame them if they don't help people who hate them?

  • And you know they hate them how? Don't speak for everyone. Your words are your own.

  • How? Because they have declared war against the West. Are you as dumb in person?

  • F*** those Muslims!

  • You love f****** muslims?

  • No, I love f-u-c-k-i-n-g your hungry mouth.

  • F*** those M-niggs. F*** 'em ALL.

  • F*** you too you garbage waste of life you are half of the problem along with them and their stupid beliefs...

  • It's Trumps fault. Oh no wait, Trump wanted to deport them. Nevermind.

  • No, it's still his fault. He made it clear that, as far as he's concerned, they don't belong here. So why should they play by our rules? Why should they help out people who want them gone? Or dead?

  • Keep kissing Muzzie a-s-s boy toy.

  • Yeah its my fault. I did it on purpose. Muslim should play by our rules or be kicked out of the country and in fact they should be kicked out whether they play by the rules or not. You never know when one or more of them are going to do a terrorist act and if they weren't here it wouldn't happen.

    I loath Islam on a very deep evil personal way.

  • Is it also Trump's fault that you are a r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d a-s-s-h-o-l-e?

  • T-y-p-i-n-g like that makes you look like a r***** why don't you bang on some sheet metal and b**** about your family for another 20 years;)

  • Trump wants to deport them, but the liberals keep blocking him. Not his fault the left wants to take down the country.

  • #fakenews #bullshitnews #trumpnews

  • Blinded by the bullshit from the left.

  • MAGATs have NO room to talk about blindness! Not that that will stop them or even slow them down. If they're not screeching, they're thinking about screeching. Putrid little losers.

  • He can't deport them if they're here legally. All he can do is what he's been doing: p******, moaning, and lying his f****** ass off.

  • And again, why are they here? Because the left wing liberals think we should open our country up to everyone in the f****** world. Stop letting these f****** people into our country. But the left is so f****** stupid, they think you can fix every thing with love. Yeah, let me know how that works out when those sandniggers take over and instate sharia law.

  • Just like his predecessor the M-u-z-z-i-e S-u-c-k-e-r, Obama.

  • What is that you love c*** in your mouth?

  • Yes. I love a c-u-n-t in my mouth. You prefer a d-i-c-k with cheesy sweat paste on your mouth.

  • We don't want them here and you can go too.

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