Why I feel Atheist In A Christian House

Okay, so since I've been little, I've always been the person who thinks completely in terms of logic. If it can't currently be explained with science, I have always come up with a legitimate hypothesis or left it as 'will find out later'.

Thus, my way of thinking p***** off my overly-religious parents.

I ended up eventually thinking about religion, and all the facts about it. I will never decide to push my views on other people (another reason why I'm atheist, being religious is basically shoving your beliefs down somebody else's throat) so I will simply state my logic and path of thinking.

First, I thought about how religion affects today's society. I look around and decide, maybe not all christians are bad, but I sure do know all the bad ones. A kid at my school was handing out bibles and even smacked me with one for telling him to go away (religious references are banned from my school because its the logical thing to do)

If people are gay/lesbian they can't get married because the christian religious a**** in our country say that it's against the freaking bible. (I'm personally straight but believe in gay rights)

I read through the bible, looking at illogical points and now illegal things that were encouraged in it. The list entails:

The beating of wives and children


(loosely) murder

The shunning of gay people

(loosely) rape

I didn't agree with any of this so I decided to be atheist. I hide it from my parents and now I will tell you personally.

I know I'm going to h*** for it.

I laugh at that fact (because heaven and h*** don't exist, and even if they did, I'd want to go to h***)

I m*********.

I watch p***.

I make fun of you religious a****.

If he's real, I'm making the devil my b****.

I don't necessarily give a s*** and commit the deadly sins daily.

I'm still f****** alive after committing the deadly sins daily.

I won't remain abstinent. (and nor will most of your daughters)

Religion is the cause of most wars, so f****** deal with the fact that you people are the cause of the deaths of billions of people in history.

Religion is the cowards way of saying 'I have no idea what this and am too f****** scared to find out.'

I have more but will now leave you a**** to rage at me.

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  • Some people need a religious faith,
    to believe in.For some people,they need to have; hope and faith in something.Each to their own.

    I attended a Catholic Primary School and Secondary School.My father was a Catholic,but not a practising one and my mother doesn't have,any denomination.They didn't force us,into becoming a Catholic.They wanted us,to choose our own paths.
    I only believed in god,because I was conditioned to.

    Because of attending Catholic Schools e.g School rituals were; Morning/afternoon prayers,attending mass and so forth.We only attended these schools,because they were close distance to our home.

    I choose to not denominate,to any religion.Because I didn't need to believe in any god,to lead a good life.

    I respect other peoples religious doctrines,as it's their faith.But I don't believe a person needs to pertain to any denomination,to lead a righteous life.

  • Yea there's no such thing as h*** or life after death. religion is for stupid people.

  • I admire your ability to think for yourself. however, remaining abstinent is actually beneficial whether you're religious or not. i understand how religion turns you off. but not everything religious people do is bad. some remain abstinent because the bible or whatever tells them to. i'm not religious but i remain abstinent because i won't have to worry about heartbreak pregnancy or diseases. just something to think about

  • You deserve to die,scumbag.

  • Both the extremely religious and the atheist are flip sides of the same coin they both are ignorant of the true nature of the universe.

  • You're an idiot...

  • If you are really an atheist, how would you make a confession! Catholic is full of ridiculous things, you dont need give a s*** to it.


  • Exactly like me! Good to know there's others like me out there.

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