Hypothetical wife

Wife and I were home alone. It was a hot day and I was only in boxers on the couch. She had on a tank top but nothing else. No bra. No panties. Tank top covered maybe half of her firm round ass and hairy p****.

She just up and says, "Can I ask you a hypothetical question?" I said, "Sure." She said, "What would you do if I had s** with someone else?" I said, "Guy or girl?" She said, "Girl." I said, "Like me walk in on you or you tell me about it after?" She said, "Either." I said, "If I walk in and see it, I'd be turned on." She said, "Would you want to join?" I said, "Yeah probably." She said, "What if it was a guy?" I said, "Honestly?" She said, "Yes of course." I said, "I kinda want to see what you look like riding someone. Can't be me since I can't walk in on you f****** me." She said, "So you'd be ok with it?" I said, "Like walk in and you are naked as f*** facing him on the couch with a massive c*** in your p****. You sweaty as f***. Yeah it would be hot." She said, "So what if I said honey I f***** mark last night." I said, "Why mark?" She said, "Like if I was h**** and we had been drinking a bit and it just happened." I said, "Well, mark is a decent guy. I might be ok with it." She said, "Honey I f***** mark last night." I said, "I already told you I would probably be ok with it." She said, "Honey I f***** mark last night." I had to think about it then I said, "Oh. You actually did?" She said, "Yup." I said, "Was it good?" She said, "Very. He had on those basketball shorts and they weren't tied and they fell off. He kinda has a big d*** and I kinda told him to f*** me." I said, "He use a condom?" She said, "Nope. Came all inside me." I said, "Is it wrong that I'm kinda turned on?" She said, "Nope." I said, "You gonna f*** him again?" She said, "You want me to?" I said, "Yeah I do. I wanna be sloppy seconds." She said, "Deal."

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