I wish you knew how beautiful you are. I wish you were able to see past all the things you did wrong so you can see the very many things you have done right. Whenever you enter a room it instantly brightens. You have a soothing voice and the most radiant aura without any effort on your part. You're kindness is contagious as softspoken as you are. You exude love from your very being.
When I look into your beautiful brown eyes, its like you are looking into my soul. It's unnerving and comforting at the same time. It's not often you meet someone who knows you better than you know yourself and accepts all of it. You always give me, everyone, such a gentle look as if you're in a constant state of understanding or at least wanting to. I've never met anyone as empathetic as you. I've never met anyone as fierce as you when someone hurts the ones you love. It's admirable, the passion that lies beneath the surface of your being. Fire flashes in your eyes and it's amazing to see how much you actually hold back. You are a magnificent being. Your laugh sounds like bells the play in harmony. Your laugh is a sound that I wish I heard more often. Your smile brightens an area the way it eases my being, my nerves, my fears. I can't get your lips out of my mind, they make me think of pink rose petals. Your hair is that of a lioness, yet so tamed at the same time. Your frame, from your sculpted cheekbones, swan-like neck, perky **, to your tight stomach, enchanting legs, and adorable feet is delicate and composed, yet so strong at the same time. You walk as though you are gliding with your head effortlessly clinging to the clouds. ... it's a shame to know that in such a state of beauty, you are only thinking of ways to berate yourself. things you did in the past. shame. guilt. things that happened years ago. You are so beautiful. In every way there is to be beautiful. Beautiful in heart, in brain, in life, in soul. Beautiful in every essence of the world. We all have done something we regret in the past. But that's why it is the past. We learn. You've learned. You deserve the love and compassion you give to the world. Casmiraparadise. I recognize you. I love you. From D.

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