Seems to be a lot of stories about catching other people in the act on here so i thought i would share my experience. My long time girlfriend and i stayed at her sisters place a while back and had a few too many drinks before everyone headed to bed, I had a terrible case of dry mouth so i quietly headed upstairs for a drink and while i was in the kitchen i heard her sister and husband whispering then heard the unmistakable sound of someone sucking c***, I could hear her sister slurping and sucking making little moaning sounds as she did.
I stood there and listened for a minute then decided to take a peek, They had their door closed almost all the way but there was still a 2 or 3 inch opening and i could see right in, My girlfriends sister is a bit older (38) but a pretty woman, She has 4 kids but still looks decent. She is short, Has a round little booty and small saggy b****. I have caught more than a few peeks down her shirt and she always wears bikinis when at the beach so i have seen her b**** before, They are saggy and wrinkly but that is normal i think.
She was on her knees sitting back resting her ass on her feet as she worked her way up and down on her husbands d***. I peeked in on them and after a minute she lifted her chubby bum and worked her panties off with one hand while still working his d*** the whole time. She had her ass toward the door and i could see her p**** from behind which looks wonderful, Looks like she shaves it all the way back with a little bit of hair on her butt hole which was sticking right out as she worked her panties off and i fully expected her to have a big meaty p**** after having 4 kids but it looks really good with no b***** tongue hanging out which is one of my pet peeves.
She straddled her husband and rode him with her bum jiggling as she laid on his chest and he started hammering her hard then reached back and started rubbing her little butt hole before shoving one finger in it. After a minute he rolled her onto her back and i noticed she had nipple clamps on and had to hold her b**** to stop them from bouncing while he pounded her. Apparently she likes to be talked down to because he was whispering s*** to her i would get slapped for. "Stop squeezing them, I like watching your saggy t*** flop around", "roll your big ass over and let me f*** you from behind" and s*** like that when her bum isn't really that big to be honest, It's actuall pretty nice.
She got on her hands and knees and her little b**** were swinging hard as he pounded her hard from behind, I actually felt kind of sorry for her because he is a hung guy. She was on her hands and knees, Little saggy b**** flopping hard knees spread apart and reaching down rubbing her c*** while he had his thumb in her butt and she bit down on her pillow (Literally) and moaned as she came, When she stopped c****** he told her to roll over, Straddled her face and shoved his d*** in her mouth, She sucked it hard and fast until he pulled back and she opened her mouth. He got most of it in her mouth then as she swallowed he squeezed his d*** tensed up and let go c****** on her face while he reached back and pulled on one of her nipples by the clamp, her b*** was all wrinkly as he stretched it and shook it and she grabbed his wrist and was whining "Ow, Ow, Not so hard" then he used his d*** and rubbed his c** all over her face and when she tried to turn her face away he let go of her b*** letting it hang to her side, Grabbed her by the throat and held her there as he came some more and rubbed it on her face.
Finally she looked up at him and whispered "Ok, Ok, Stop now", He rolled off her and she laid there with her legs spread softly rubbing herself as he gently took off her nipple clamps and kissed her nipples then she took a deep breath, Let out a sigh and rolled off the bed, She said "I'm going to shower" and he said "Want a glass of water" and she said "please". I panicked and quickly scrambled down the stairs and i heard him go to the kitchen, Pour some water and go back in the bedroom.
I went to bed and laid there thinking about them before drifting off to sleep, Both of them act very proper and polite and he was being very nice to her after for how hard he had just f***** her but i guess behind closed doors things aren't always as they seem and as long as it works for them then so be it.

Sep 26, 2017

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  • I love being f***** when I'm caught up NY one won't to catch me to nite at yonah mountain Cleveland geogia

  • I all ways wont to be in the forest and then a female finds me foreplaying and come over to ask what i was doing then when see seen me she tied me to a tree to peg me in the a*** till i c** all over while she stroked this huge p**** she had straped on .then she rode me to i c** in her then as i was geting up her mate came and f***** my a*** till i pass out then he put in in my a*** deep then blast this huge in my ass and then they leave any one have a thing on finding a male lost in the forest im the one

  • I want to be stuck in the forest with my niece. 20 days maybe... We'd have a blast for sure.

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