I gained thirteen pounds this semester.

Holy s***.

But, I already started working out so hopefully it won't be too long till Im back to being a little skinnier.

At least my b**** are huge!

I really hope my big b**** don't shrink when I lose weight because I am lovin these boobies!

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  • When you exercise, make sure to get your heart rate up to burn fat.

  • You could try some upper body exercise to see if some tone behind the weight can keep the loss minimal. Wear a push-up while doing push ups.

  • freshman fifteen. is the term i believe.

  • I forget the term for that weight you gain when you first get to college or where ever.

  • GET over yourself C***

  • your b**** will be among the first things to go. trust me i knowww, and while it is sad, i just use cutlets and amazing push up bras and no one ever notices, they just see how skinny i am ! :-D

  • Get over yourself- you b**** - you know you want the damn b****

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