I like when my boyfriend gets really rough..

When we have s** he gets really rough and he slaps my b**** and my butt. He hits my b**** really hard and they have bruises on them sometimes. I like when he hits me though.. He also punishes me if I don't do what he says, and I like when he does that too.. I don't know why.. I didn't know I'd like this..

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  • I think it is different from person to person. B**** and punching really turn me off. Being told what to do and sometimes mildly forced and also being spanked now amazingly turn me on but hmm only if I am already aroused. You know he has to tease me and be nice and romance and set the atmosphere. Its gradual. But once I start to get in the head space I get further aroused by it. Its kind of weird and I would never admit that my husband spanks me or forces me to suck him.

  • B**** I wish you was my gf. Your b**** would be black and blue everyday. You would get down on your knees and suck my big fat co(k everyday too.

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