My wife controls our s** life. She decided that the next time I get release is Christmas
3 months!
2&1/2 to go.
We did a 6 week abstinence break during Lent. This time 12 weeks. She says she hopes we can have more than s** to keep us close.

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  • Uhhh. You know that failure to use your prostrate gland can lead to urinary complications and bladder control loss. Your prostrate will be swollen and squeezing the urethral channel. Impotence is possible. Do you feel like you have to pee lots but you pass very little?
    M********* once every 3 days until your emissions are white and semi gobular. Then once a week. Doctors order.

  • Looks like someone is doing her too tight and too hard everyday and she comes to you with a sore puS sy already!

  • F*** all that. Id either be masturbating daily or f****** someone else. Id ditch her quick fast and in a hurry

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