Posing for my Sun

My sun was doing a photography coarse at college, he practiced on friends and family portraits etc. he made no secret of the fact his girlfriend wouldn't pose naked for him because she didn't trust him to keep them secret, He said his sister would posed nude for him I thought why not, I managed to sneak a peek at them on his lap top, they started partially dressed then moved on to normal nudity but they got more explicit of her with her legs open laying and bending in all different positions showing her v***** and a***, I did go hot and wet when I was viewing them, I thought keep quiet about what I saw,
The reason for my post is he has asked me to pose for him on Sunday when nobody is at home, I don't know it I could do naked for him but want to, would it be wrong if I did go naked for my sun

Oct 16, 2017

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  • Don't pose naked for him but to be a good mother you really need to let him f*** you and c** deep inside of your p****

  • After a long bj

  • There is nothing wrong with posing naked for your son, providing its normal nudity, unless you want p*** photos, I have done it you o***** without doing anything specially when you show your private parts go for it

  • Whtat did you decide to do??? wetkn@outlook.com

  • Did you decide to do it? If so, how did it go?

  • There isnt a reason not to, so long as you are comfortable with it then you should pose for him as he wants you to. Remember, he is the photographer so do as he tells you to

  • I have always called him my sun and always will

  • So you have always been ignorant?

  • I'm surprised you did not wither into ashes before you came too close to your sun!

  • Son son son son.
    Learn to spell. you are obviously dumber than a 5th grader.

  • Sun as in the star our planet revolves around? Or Son, as in a male offspring or child?

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