Kessler 12 gauge bolt action shotgun

This weapon came out in 1952. It was a cheap shotgun that fired three shells. It has a huge chock and it is reliable. The trouble is nobody liked it. The gun is ungainly and the ergonomics suck.

My stepfather died and left me this gun. Looking it up on the internet its worth about $32.00.

I was discussing this gun with a collector who said he wanted it and I sold it to him for $50.00 The gentleman worked on the gun as if it was a jewel and it is now in perfect condition. An owner is a big man. Nearly 250 lbs and about 6ft 4in. He wanted to shoot a three-inch magnum through it. I warned him against that because the recoil was what previous owners hated most about this gun. He did it anyway and his shoulder was bruised to the bone. He had problems using his arm for months.

He still has it though as a prized possession.

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  • I own a 12 gauge shotgun for home defense. Problem is, the recoil is horrible and the blast is loud enough to blow my eardrums. I am well over 200 pounds and well over 6 feet tall, but that gun is still too big for me. That said, I pity the intruder who ends up on the receiving end of a 3 inch magnum buckshot load or one ounce lead slug. That shotgun is hand held artillery, a fearsome weapon! No wonder so many police officers are armed with 12 gauge shotguns. I would rather face an AK47 than a shotgun.

  • Omg a gun, omg. Lol

  • Are you in business.

  • Nice. You got anymore you want to sell?

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