Women p*** me off

That's right, women p*** me off. They want to strut around half f****** naked with their t*** out and their a**** hanging out, sometimes they don't even have any panties on. Then they get all f****** offended when the wrong guy looks at them. Yes, the wrong guy, not just men, because they actually want some guy they think is hot to look at them, just not anyone else. Well what the f*** did you go out of the house like that for if you didn't want all men to look at you. You Selfridges little f****** s***, put some f****** clothes on if you're so f****** offended. Otherwise you can suck my d***. F****** s****.

Oct 28, 2017

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  • I'm a woman and dress androgynously. I conceal my b******, stomach, legs, arms and a***. It's my preference not to reveal my body to anyone else but my partner. I respect my body and have dignity.

    So don't assume the majority of women like to expose themselves by wearing revealing clothes, to any Tom, D***, Lucy and Harry lol

  • It's because society has made everything about s**. You want a good job, be attractive. You want out of a speeding ticket, be sexy. You want a sell a lot of records, put some sexy ass person in as your lead singer.
    The world revolves around s** and you can't get ahead unless you either have s** or can get s**. People use whatever they have to get ahead.

  • Somewhere some b**** is being raped

  • Signs of sexual frustration and facination. Women are like a car crash to you it seems. You can't look away. But disgusts and attracts you at the same time. It's somehow exciting for you because you seem pretty agitated here.

    So to deflect this revolting facination
    You hide by projecting judgment and blaming them rather than reflect and face your inner thoughts.

  • Said the fat nerd that can't get any...

  • I'm sorry you're a fat nerd who can't get any. Have you tried the whorehouse? You know, where your mom works.

  • I feel that

  • Preach.

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