I got what I asked for.

I was trying to get my wife into s** more. I had read that to get your wife really hot admit to each other the other ones fantasy. You had to promise each other you wouldn't get mad no matter what the fantasy reveals. So we agreed. So we flipped a coin to see who had to go first. We both got naked and we faced each other only touching ourselves. She lost the flip so she started. She said I dream about doing it on the water at night. I said bull. I want to hear your dirtiest fantasy ever. She said OK but you will be mad. She says I want to taste another mans cumm. She said yours is the only cumm I have ever tasted. She said when I m********* I think of sucking another man. She said now what's yours. I told her when I f*** her I am fantasying about f****** your used p****. It turns me on to think of another man c****** in you and me getting sloppy seconds. That night we screwed and I asked her if she would let another guy f*** her in front of me? She said no way. Then about a month later she said do you really want me to have s** with someone else?She was jacking me off at the time. I said yes. I want to to come home full of another mans cumm and let me cumm in his cumm he shot in you. So that was about 10 months ago. She now lets her boss do things to her that I don't even get to. Plus his p**** is 9 inches. Mine maybe 4-5. The lastest thing now is he gets off humiliating me doing anything he wants to my wife. She has totally given her sexy ass to her boss. She never let me have a*** with her. I begged her for years. She has a perfect ass. Bill her boss owns my wifes a******. He puts his 9 inches in her ass and laughs at me while he cumms in her ass. I am not allowed to touch her ass. She jacks me off after they get finished. So now that's me life.

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  • Nothing better. God open s**. you get to see her get f***** and she ends up with a p**** filled with s****. win win situation in my opinion

  • So long as you are both happy. whats the harm? she gets to feel and taste somsone elses cumm and you get sloppy seconds. i have the same fantasy, looking between my wifes legs and seeing it oozing cumm hmmmm

  • Are you OK with this? Was it really your fantasy?

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