Stepdaughters selfies

I have a 23yr old stepdaughter she is so beautiful to me she put on a few extra pounds that she is self conscious about but i think it made her hot body even hotter she has peirced 38d b****** we get along great but one day she bought a new top of the line phone and gave me her old one because it was much better than the one i had so i got it turned on and was exploring the options on it and when I opened the gallery there were several nude selfies of her and i got to see every inch of her body in detail i got a erection and relieved myself to the pics i couldn't bring myself to erase them i transferred them to a sd card i keep in my wallet and i m********* to them all the time i have s** with my wife close my eyes and pretend its my stepdaughter i now smell her used panties but everyday i act normal and no one suspects my sick thoughts i wonder sometimes if she did it on porpuse because who cleans out a phone but forgets i have a bunch of nude selfies on there? was she waiting for me to react or bring it up to find out if im interested and i missed the window cause 6months have passed without a peep so i know it wasnt a set up any thoughts?

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  • I just found about 10 pics of my stepdaughter nude on her laptop. When I say nude, I mean she is f****** spread eagle pulling her p**** lips apart. I copied them to my phone as quick as I could and then ran to the bathroom. I shot a load all the way across the bathroom.

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  • My step-daughter is 26, I’m 36. So we are close in age. I’m extremely attracted to her in every way! I do the same thing, when I’m having any kind of s** with my wife, I imagine her being my step-daughter. Every fantasy I have involves her in some way. I collect a few pairs of panties each time we visit her apartment. I c** to in them and eventually return them to her panty drawer. I’ve done some wild stuff with her things...

  • It was no accident at all but just wait and see what happens. If you wanna share the pics

  • Your kiddie addiction is weird!

  • Enjoy the free shows that you have saved. if you make the first move she may freak out and scream blue murder. nice thoughts though. Care to share the pics??

  • Just keep slapping that puppy and consider yourself lucky. I concur it wasn't likely an accident. Any overt move on your part will make you look pervey. Continue to watch and observe. If something is ever to occur between the two of you, it'll unfold naturally, don't rush it.

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