I got sent to girls reform school

I still have the newspaper story from the Dunn Daily Record. It has been years but it still stings.

Girl,18, ordered to reform school

Megan Lowry, rural route 4, Lillington, was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in the North Carolina Reform School for Girls in Monroe.

Her sentence came after juvenile court judge Sarah Livingstone found her guilty of unlawful entry, driving a stolen motor vehicle and underage possession of alcohol. Miss Lowry was apprehended by a Harnett County sheriff's deputy on Saturday evening.

Judge Livingstone reminded the defendant that, at eighteen, she is still a minor. She could have gone to reform school until turning 21. Because Miss Lowry was charged with a first offense the court was fairly lenient.

"There's no excuse for your acts, Miss Lowry" Judge Livingstone said. "Three months of tough farm work, picking peas, hoeing cotton, is a punishment I feel you deserve."

Judge Livingstone noted Miss Lowry's date of release will be September 22nd. "Basically, I am taking the summer away from you" the judge said. "This had best be a good lesson."

Miss Lowry was immediately removed from the courtroom to begin serving her term.

She graduated earlier this month from West Harnett High School, Lii\llington.

Okay. The reform school was a juvenile work farm. The first night I was there I was laying in my bunk in a dorm with about 30 other girls. No air conditioning, just an old fan. There was bright sunshine streaming in the windows because lights out was at eight p/m.and everyone had to be in bed. I started crying and one or two other girls began crying, too. A fat matron came to the doorway and screamed SHUT UP.

The work was hard and we would all sweat in the summer heat. The girls there were 13 to 20 and it was sheer h***. No tv, no radio, no magazines. You'd just long for home and swelter in the hot weather. I thought of my boyfriend and cried a lot at first,

Anyway, I sure never broke the law ever again!

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  • Im a single mom off two girls and husbands a dead beat. My daughters are 10 and 12 and I love them more than.anything. please I dont want and rude or smart comments. I use spanking as part off punishment and it can be a copil of taps on skirted bottom or panties and when needed for severe disobidence they get spanked straight after bath before bed on.a very wet bottom. My oldesd over last year has got into alot off trouble include ditching school and stealing from mall and family. I have tried everything and some mothers at my church suggest I use hairbrush and spoon on her bare bum instead of my hand. She got another note in her journal yesterday and I spanked her bare bottom this morning before school with promise off early bed time at 6 and another spanking. Please any suggestions. Single mom off two darling girls..tara hugs and as said please know rude comments.

  • I was a problem kid and a thief. I was thrown in jail isolation to sit and think. No TV, radio, no one to talk to. I cried as well. I cried a lot. One day they put in a burned out druggie in with me that was my age. That loony drove me crazy with him rambling on and on to himself. I got out and no one ever had another problem with me again.

  • Probably the best thing that ever happened to you.

  • Wow. Amazing to hear.

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