Has anyone ever heard of a “Triple Header?”

I had a boyfriend in college that was always wanting to do a “Triple Header” with me. Has anyone else ever heard of this? He’s the only guy that I have ever heard about this from. His theory was that on average sperm could live 3 days in a woman’s body. So, to him, a “Triple Header” was when we would have s** and he would come in my mouth, v*****, and bum at least once each within a 3 day period. I think it really turned him on thinking that his live sperm could be in my v*****, bum, and stomach all at the same time. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Christine M.

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  • LOL... A triple header of which i became a member of at the age of 15 means you f*** 3 different people in one day.

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  • Just enjoy having all your holes filled with s**** on a regular basis

  • Never heard of it. My guess is he made it up. But hey, if it's a big turn on for him and you don't mind it, then why not?

  • It sounds really hot though. Did you enjoy having your man’s sperm inside you in those places?

  • Not as much as you do, I'm sure but I am willing to try.

  • No. It's incorrect. You are supposed to not go to the bathroom for 3 days? Maybe 15 mins max in stomach. Uhhh. Acid stronger than the natural level of acidity in the birth canal. S**** can last maybe 30 hours max, depending on the woman. The s**** gels up temporarily to withstand the natural acid. Them melts to let the spermatoza leak everywhere. Usually all dead or immobilized within 10 hours.

    It's dead pretty soon in the ass. Fecal matter will destroy the sperm.

    That term triple. Bullcrap. Never heard of it. Say you'll try it if he puts sperms in his own belly and ass.

    If it was a foursome with 3 guys... okay. Triple header. Officially 6 heads.

  • Sperm can last up to 5 days in her p**** if the conditions are right.

  • Did you do the same thing with those three 12-year old Son?

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