Am I a girl?

Turned 21 yesterday, I’m fully grown with b******, hips, looks, and yes a broken hymen (because I play with my v***** every night) everything is ok but I haven’t gotten my period yet?

I also don’t have pubic hair on my v***** I think I’m a girl right?



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  • You need a drilling d*** machine to clear for front hole for periods finger won’t help much

  • I'm guessing fiction. If not how did you learn English without learnings words regarding gender?

  • Pretty heartless when she’s just asking a question?

  • Pretty obvious this is a troll post? Pretty stupid of you to be fooled by it? Pretty sad that you think you need to defend someone who doesn't need or deserve it?

  • Hold on here. You're 21 and have never gone through mensus? From around age 10ish you would have been routinely been seeing a gyno? Not having your period month after month, year after year, would be a huge red flag for a gyno. This doesn't make any sense.

  • Oh I found out I had cysts on my ovaries when I was 2 so they had to cut them out so yeah no babies for me😞

  • Well, that's a silver lining. One less dumbass breeder making little dumbasses. LOL

  • Ha ha yeah I know

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