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I am 14 and growing up in a catholic household.
Since I was born i was taught the ways of God. Even for the slightest sin we would have a list of chores as a punishment. Now as gay rights are becomeing a big deal my parents tell us that it is wrong, and bad. That is why i dont know how to tell them That i am attracted to boys. I started noticing this around 10. At first i didnt thnik of it. but when i didnt start to like girls i thought it was just a phase. now i am certain that I am gay.

I would tell my parents if i thought they would still love me afterwards. When they found out one of their closest friends were gay, they yelled "YOU'RE GOING TO H***" and i dont thnik they have ever talked again. I really dont know what to do. Should i fake straight? should i tell them?

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  • Yes, you should tell your parents. For your own self-respect and mental health, stand up and proudly tell them this is a part of who you are. You mentioned that your parents are Catholic. If they truly believe the teachings of the Catholic church, then they will absolutely still love you fully and unconditionally after you tell them you're gay. If you doubt it, then first go to your parish priest and disclose the full truth to him - it's not a confession, because simply being gay is not a sin. But your priest will fully support you if the least you want is to still be loved by your parents. Plus, your priest will remind your parents that telling the truth about who you are is honorable and right, and to withhold love to their child who was being truthful about himself is deeply sinful. Trust me, I grew up Catholic, and despite the many flaws of the Catholic church as an institution, they do teach love for others above almost all else.

  • You are disgusting and dumb. You are transgressing and following your false/satans desires. Don't be stupid. F*** f***.

  • You sound like a pedo

  • Gotta be smart. Focus on school. Get good grades, get into college. Make something of yourself. Be able to walk on your own two feet. Then tell them. This is what I did.

  • Your parents were trying to teach you common manners and what is healthy living and healthy relations not only with men but women and other living things. its very simple. why do you insist on questioning answers that have always been true? if your family teaches you, then you know its good for you. and its meant for you not other people. so listen to them and if you want to be bad, tell other people something different

  • How wrong you are, it is not about what they have teaching to him, it is about what he as a person is and feels. believe it or not if that is the way he feels than that is his own nature.What you just stated is a way of to conduct your self according with religions and society and it goes against your own self. I write this because I have a son and he is gay and since he was a child I knew it, therefor i became involved trying to understand what is all about in order to lead him to understand his own nature, without interference from religion and the establishment. What a person does in the privacy of his room is nobody business, and religion of society does not have the wright to judge who you as a sexual being are.
    Religion have the audacity to judge all forms of s** due to the fact that they are just scare to face human nature.

  • I agree with the person before me.

    Here is your plan.

    Sounds like regardless, your parents will not give up their religion...

    However keep it a secret. Go through high school and while there date girls, however, you have to cover it up really well as if you are straight. This is part of the plan.

    Then after high school go to college far away from home where no one else in our hometown or people you know will go for college. Complete your college, that YOUR PARENTS PAY FOR. Then when you get a job tell them you are gay.

    It's a win win situation in my eyes.

    1) you get a good education paid for by your parents
    2) you have a job to provide for yourself of your parents disown you.
    3) joke is on them for you outsmarted them by usin their money to pay for your school

    This is if your parents do plan to pay for your school.

    If not then, you should tell them when you feel it is right and you are able to support yourself. Because sadly, it seems as if your parents will not hange their ways...
    However do what you feel is right, life is filled with hard decisions.

    Best of luck to you man.

  • You shouldn't tell them for now.
    But you have to love yourself and come to terms with this regardless.
    They may still love you because you are their son, but wait until you're older and have less of a chance of them being in such close proximity to you.
    I hope all goes well for you, but try to understand that ANYONE who doesn't accept you for who you are in your life isn't worth it.

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