I want someone to actually love me. I need a balance between an emotional l

I just got out of a three year long relationship. We were engaged. I no longer even like him as a person. He is too immature and is very unreliable. I wanted more of a physical relationship, and was waiting for him to feel comfortable with it. He said i shouldnt have been worried, since you cant ever force anyone to do something they dont want to do. Anyways.... about three weeks after he broke up with me, my friend karson came on to me. He said as i was hugging him good bye "i wish i could do more than hug you but that would have to wait." I laughed at him, and then he said "I could give you the kind of relationship you want." I didnt say anything that day. Two days later i was told he didnt want a relationship with me. when i asked him why, he said he was in love with my best friend, who is a lesbien. When i told him this he got upsset and didnt talk to me for a week. Then the other day we started flirting and stuff again. when im with him everything seems right. But he offered to have s** with me. Saying that it had been two years. I thought about it, and realized all he wanted was s**. Not me. Just s**. I told him i didnt want to be used. I actually do care for him... And it hurts that even though we are "friends" he would use me just for s**. I want someone to actually love me. I need a balance between an emotional love, and a physical love.... NOT one or the other. With my ex i got emotional love, with karson i can only have the physical.....

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