Weinstein women

I don't feel sorry for them. Many women use their bodies to get ahead. Guys use their positions of power. It's just the way it is.

Nov 16, 2017

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  • "Some" not many.

  • For sure. I feel bad for the poor guy. Bunch of hussies.

  • I wish they would all shut they ass.

  • Their ass, not "They ass"

  • Some men use their bodies to get ahead in life aswell and some women abuse their power over them. S*** happens sometimes. But remember, anyone can be a victim regardless of gender and what crime has been committed.

  • I've never liked Rose McGowan and I've never trusted anything she says. She started this, and I think so many others are just bandwagoning the rest of these nasty whores.

  • I feel the same for Ashely Judd. She wants everybody to think she's such a goody-goody, but in reality, she's just a cheap trick like all the others.

  • Thank you for speaking the truth.

  • Idiot!

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