I am virgin

I must confess .
I am 23 year old virgin but sometimes i imagine that i am naked in a room full of naked men.
And its dark and they all touch me and then have s** with me hard and repeatedly one after another from the front and behind without know who they are.
And then in a room with 4 women with naked chest and pull my head on their chest and sit on my face.
These are cute and hedonistic fantasies i have sometimes.
Don't misunderstand me , i am a modest girl .
But i suppose even modest people sometimes get very h****.

Dec 6, 2017

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  • Why are you a virgin?

  • I never have a relationship with a boy or a girl , usually i am unnoticed from boys and i am very shy and introvert person.

  • Why are you introverted?
    What are you afraid of?

    Is it that you don't know what to talk about? Or are you afraid people will judge you?

  • I am afraid that people would judge me and i am afraid because i would judge myself automatically , and i am afraid when i get too close with a person , i mean emotionally , when i was a child my parents were strict .
    Fortunately i can m********* .

  • Good girl m********* to your hearts content!!! can i watch while you m*********? pleeease

  • Who cares what people think. You have to own that s***, not let others own you.
    If you are the OP, or you are female, all you have to do is make yourself look attractive. Then strut yourself in front of men and watch them fall over themself trying to ask you out.

  • I hope someday I would be free from myself to do it .

  • Indeed... S** and sexual desires are all supposed to be free of all social stigma. Enjoy your fantasy and if you get to do it, don't miss it... One life

  • Something inside me wants this fantasy to come true but one another side inside me says that is a sin to act on these fantasies.

  • I would love to be one of the men. I have a c*** thats over 25 cm long and I know how to use it on women and girls

  • Its no sin!! its human nature. you want to be wanted and desired as well as used sexually. spread your legs and have fun

  • Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  • Your welcome!

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