For the last bit of time all I can ever think about is sucking another male its like I have to find out for myself even though I have not had s** with another male since my early teens even then it just happened its like I just crave the taste of c**.

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  • Hacking a phone, a server, a Database or a computer does not depend on programming language, but exploit the existing vulnerabilities. If you mean by create Windows virus/trojan/malware, them are generally written in Visual C++ (VC++), and you can learn it by buying books for basic knowledge and go to practice. so i think adrian lamo uses c plus or v plus for hacking.
    I don't know why every one talk about Nicholas Shields, I'm not the only Hacker online, but if you like to know what hackers use i can tell you , to hacking web site for example you need script python or Perl or ruby ... but its not the important part because first you should know what you will do and then it will be easy because maybe you will found some code in the internet like here Exploits Database by Offensive Security , so there is a different between someone who hack by using tools and code already done and someone who found "zero days" bugs and expel hacking.

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  • You're making me h**** as all h*** for you!

  • C** into your own mouth to see if satisfies anything

  • I would quite like to suck a big c***, giving a slutty skanky b****** until it fired c** deep into my mouth and throat. I think it's part of my desire to be dominated. I'd love to be flipped round and f***** hard in the ass until he came again, I want to feel it throb and c** inside me. Then force me to do ass to mouth as I suck it clean.

  • G******! You sound so f****** sexy, I can't hardly even stand it!!!! I want to take you and make you MINE!!!!!!!!!

  • I love getting a huge c*** arroused for me to suck love tasting Al the pre c** before a big e********** also love a 69 tongueing each other and sucking to o***** in our mouths

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