Mom is abused by step-dad

Before my mom met my step father, she was raising me, my sister, and my brother, without any help from family. She was constantly working, but she always made time for us. She would cook, clean, and help us with school. It wasn’t until I was 12 that she got into dating.
Now she is married to someone who degrades her. She is constantly being told she is fat. Or in his exact words: “an old, fat, b****”. He tells her that, even though she works, she is worthless, and that she is a “lazy w****”. He blames everything on her. From bills, to unfortunate accidents.
Worst of all, he screams at the top of his lungs at her. For anything. He doesn’t stop until she goes into her room and locks the door. Sometimes he threatens to kill himself when she does this, because she “isn’t listening” to him. He’s always whining about not being heard, and having no authority over his step-kids.
Although he doesn’t physically harm her or us, he destroys furniture and home decorations. Mainly stuff that will make noise, like glass vases, and one time, the television. He’s punched holes through walls, destroyed cabinets, and smashed glass on the kitchen floor.
She’s threatened to pack her stuff and go. But truthfully, we all know that she can’t leave him. She loves him too much.

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  • Cook for him and poison the b******

  • Tell authorities that the man threw a vase at you or whatever, next time he blows up. They will believe you over him.

  • How you doing hun. He can be taken care off. Get back too me if you want. Good luck too you and your mom..

  • Another illiterate. The word "TO" is spelled as I spelled it. Go back to the 2nd grade. Also , the word "OF" is spelled as I did and it is "TAKING". Finally, haven't you ever heard of question marks.

  • ? And this is why people should take law into their own hands. Too much legal s*** too go through when somebody you love and know is going through abuse. Go ask my fuking ass and I would never wait on a court or legal proceedings too stop scum hassleing or abuse my family or friends. I see that person myself and have in past. F*** all that legal jargin s*** and red tape. Somebody whos a bullie and a fuking scumbag I see them one too one..

  • How you and mom getting on with your stepdad hun. He will get whats comeing too him..

  • I wish I knew your family and were you lived. I would take him out off your house and beat the s*** out off him. Trust me he would never be in contact with your mom again and he would move too a diffrent state because anytime I seeing him would break some more bones in his body. My relative hid stuff from us and her abuseive partner and trust me when I found out. I broke his nose and he lost some teeth and had some cracked ribs. He also never contacted my relative again and has moved too a diffrent state. I hate bullies..

  • The dudes an a******, film him with your phone and show your teacher, principal, school counselor or police, they will intervene. Tell your mom you can’t take it anymore. Praying for you and your mom.

  • You'll get no sympathy and healthy advice from anyone on this website. Seek advice and help elsewhere. Good luck.

  • It's clear a girl posted this sexist opinion of the situation. Look, STOP man bashing & adopt a more positive attitude regarding your stepdad. NO ONE is perfect & face it beyond dispute, you girls certainly have a huge share of faults.
    Suck it up, count your blessings & do as you're told while you live under his roof.

  • Wow. How devistating.

  • Gawd, this situation is so old it's generic & quite normal to be honest ; further supporting the postulate that women were created for such situations as well as to be the subject for the alleged scrutiny.

    Furthermore, it supports what you left out ; their matrimonial bedtime intimacy. i.e. obviously this man is adroit at giving your mother a great reward for being together. Even money says he has a oversized P**** or just performs the way she appreciates a man in bed. She is also insecure that she isn't that desirable for another man. That was a easy one from where I sit.

  • I know, I am so sick of hearing about how the OPs stepdad is so mean to them. Get a f****** life and stop b******* about it.

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