There are so many things to say...

I only wish you cared enough to listen.
There are so many things I should have said.
I was too quiet, too passive. I never let you see the fiery side of me that maybe you would have liked. Maybe then you wouldn't have ended things with me.

I want to see you. I want you to see me and regret letting me go. I know you wont, but... I'll never see you, so I'll never really know.

I already said goodbye, but everything that happened is still bothering me. Everything I should have done... and said. I don't feel relieved like I should, or satisfied that I've finally decided to move on.

It's not fair... that you are the one that doesn't deserve me, yet I'm the one suffering over someone so lowly. What did I do to deserve YOU as my first love? What did I f****** do?

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  • ... umm... what... I'm sorry... did you say something?

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